Zodwa is super generous. Image via Instagram: @Zodwalibram

What the what? Zodwa wishes she could give all her fans her private parts!

Zodwa Wabantu left tongues wagging online after she wrote that she wants to give all her fans a taste of her private parts.


Zodwa is super generous. Image via Instagram: @Zodwalibram

Zodwa Wabantu is definitely South Africa’s most risque celebrity. Just when you think her behaviour can’t get more bizarre, she does or says something else that blows your mind. This time the young dancer said on Instagram that she wished she could share her private area with all her fans!

Zodwa Wabantu wants her fans to get the ‘whole body’ experience

Being a Zodwa fan must be fun because she never seems to disappoint when it comes to entertainment. While she often drops jaws with her outfit choices and crazy social media tactics, she also inspires those who love her.

The exotic dancer and entertainer have been showered with love and adoration since she rose to fame. This must be why she is often very appreciative of her fans and says this in many of her interviews and online post.

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Most recently Zodwa wrote that she loves them so much that she wishes she could give them her “p*ssy”. And nope, you did not read that wrong.

She literally headed to her Instagram page and shared a clip of herself getting basically fondled by a crowd of people and captioned the post:

“I wish I can give you all my p*ssy. I tried to make it rain p*ssy on all of you.”

Netizens are taken aback but quite ready to receive

Naturally, the post sent tongues wagging and heads shaking. A lot of people welcomed the bizarre idea while others were stunned into silence. Here are some of their comments:

bitcoin.king said:

“Making money is not easy oooo….so this is someone’s hustle…am speechless”

martina_mataz said:

“Wabantu to the world neh”

In it for the money

Zodwa earlier revealed that she has a fear of becoming poor. According to the reality tv star, she would do anything to ensure that she never goes broke again.

She also said that she enjoys dating younger men so that she can control the relationship.

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