Uncle Waffles addictive dance

Uncle Waffles. Image via Instagram @unclewaffles_

Uncle Waffles’ TikTok video leaves viewers talking [Watch]

South African DJ Uncle Waffles left many in awe at her beauty in with her recent TikTok video. Have you seen it?

Uncle Waffles addictive dance

Uncle Waffles. Image via Instagram @unclewaffles_

Uncle Waffles left many men licking their lips with her TikTok video, where she showed her beauty.

The talented DJ had risen daily since she broke into the scene after Drake posted her on Instagram.

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Since then, she has been through much scrutiny on social media, with some probably hating her fast growth.

One thing had been when some fans trolled her for her tiny chest, and she ignored it.

Shockingly, Uncle Wafles has so many admirers; some were left licking their lips after her TikTok video.

Waffles shared a video where she did the ‘Yahyuppiyah challenge’ correctly, and some fans noticed her beauty instead of her moves.

Uncle Waffles men licking
Uncle Waffles. Image via Instagram @unclewaffles_


It all started after a specific user on TikTok admitted that having an obsession with Uncle Waffles is normal, and others joined.

Another man said that he would use witchcraft to convince her if she could not consider being his wife.

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After these comments, it seemed that it was enough, but instead, it was only the beginning.

People forgot to enjoy her dance moves and focused on wishing to make Waffles their woman.

After that, another man claimed he had already told his village people about his relationship with Waffles.

The war escalated to another level after another man claimed to have paid Lobola for Uncle Waffles, leaving men licking their lips.

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It looked like this was over before another man asked her to come claiming the kids had missed her.

Indeed, Uncle Waffles’s video shook TikTok and left many men licking their lips.

Here are some of the comments

“I already told my village people about us❤️❤️”

“Y’all can leave her alone now I’ve already paid her lobola in full🤭”

Find more interesting comments in the TikTok video below


Yall STREAM YAHYUPPIYAH BABY! Irs for Hotttiessssssss

♬ original sound – Lyrics_with_Bee


This is one of Uncle Waffles’ most talked about topics on social media.

Some people have said that the bubbly DJ only uses her beauty to attract fans, but she doesn’t have natural talent.

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This accusation has received so much attack from her loyal fans, who could not accept it.

They believe that Uncle Waffles is so beautiful and a very talented DJ.

Of course, beauty issues are subjective, and everyone is entitled to their views, but Uncle Waffles’ beauty in a TikTok video left men licking their lips.