Queen Camilla says Kate Middleton is ‘thrilled’. Image via APF

‘Cringe’: Tweeps react to ‘The Crown’s’ ‘tampongate’ scene

The ‘tampongate’ scene which showed King Charles and Camilla’s leaked ‘dirty’ phone call from 1989 on ‘The Crown’ has set tongues wagging.


Queen Camilla says Kate Middleton is ‘thrilled’. Image via APF

The fifth season of The Crown hit Netflix on 9 November and the “tampongate” scene between King Charles III and his then “mistress” Camilla has set tongues wagging on Twitter.

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The fifth season of The Crown was set to cover the alleged affair between King Charles and his then “mistress”, who is now the Queen Consort.

Camilla Parker Bowles
Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles Image source: Flickr

The series dedicated an entire episode to the pair’s “tampongate” – an explicit telephone conversation between them which was leaked. So, why is this called tampongate?

According to Harper Bazaar, the private telephone conversation between His Majesty and Camilla took place while they were still married to their respective spouses. The conversation took place in December 1989 and was secretly recorded and leaked to the press. 

The call set tongues wagging as Charles was still married to Princess Diana and Camilla was married to Andrew Parker Bowles. In the infamous call, Charles said that he wanted to live in Camilla’s trousers.

She then joked that he would be reincarnated as a “pair of knickers” to which he responded – with his luck he would end up as a tampon instead. The Crown showed different members of the royal family’s reaction to the leaked conversation including Princess Diana and Princess Anne.

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Twitter users thought the tampongate scene was “cringe” and worse than they expected. Take a look…

“Tampongate was just as cringe as I’d imagined,” wrote @_faithphiri.

“Finished The Crown season 5. Tampongate was gross 🤮 the Queen & co. should have been more kind to Diana after that. Also, I couldn’t help but think of Professor Umbridge throughout the entire season,” wrote @BLUESTARFTW.

While others praised the show.

“For all the brouhaha about how #TheCrown was going to insult Charles by resurrecting ‘tampongate’ etc, I actually thought that episode portrayed his and Camilla’s relationship really humanely (and sometimes verged into the hagiographic, with how it ended about his charity work),” wrote @AyoCaesar.

“Oh f***** hell I’m on tampongate episode #TheCrown this is what these clowns were so upset about haaaaaaa they don’t even specifically go into detail like the actual recording,” wrote @fireinherveinzz.

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