Trevor Noah

Beige Panther? Trevor Noah looking for ‘cool nickname’ [watch]

Forget ‘daywalker’, South African comedian Trevor Noah is looking to revamp his image with a ‘cool nickname’…

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah has been called a variety of nicknames in the past – like “daywalker” for example. But this time, the South African comedian is looking for his own “cool nickname”.

The Daily Show host is currently filming a special segment for the show in Atlanta, home to hip-hop, R&B, and rap legends like Usher, Cardi B, and Ludacris to name a few.

Which is the inspiration for his new “street” image.

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In a skit filmed for The Daily Show, Trevor Noah asked US comedian Dulcé Sloan her best recommendations for a nickname.

“I need a hip hop name…it doesn’t matter if I rap or not, I came all the way to Atlanta. I need a cool name!”, he tells his co-star.

Trevor then stumbles upon rapper Big Tigger who shares a few options with him

“Lil Dimples? Beige Panther? Goofy Man? There’s always Mildish Gambino?”

In the end, Trevor Noah claimed that the names were not “hardcore” enough for his image.

Watch his quest for a “cool name” in the skit below…

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If you’re wondering why Trevor Noah called his 2011 comedy show The Daywalker, it has everything to do with the colour of his skin and his unconventional childhood in SA.

As a mixed-race child – Trevor’s father is white and his mother is black – the comedian grew up in an environment in which he looked different.

This was during Apartheid, when interracial relationships were banned, and even considered criminal. As such, Trevor Noah’s mother Patricia went to great lengths to protect him

He said during the skit: “I could live with the family as a parental unit together. I had to go back to the townships with my mother. She couldn’t say that the father of her child was, in fact, a white man.

He continued: “She had to lie on my birth certificate. She didn’t say anything to anybody. So everybody just drew their own conclusions

“People did not put 1 and 1 together with me. When I came home, people in the township assumed that I was an Albino”.

Trevor Noah then befriended a group of Albinos, who also assumed him to be one of them. But the group was fascinated at his ability to walk in the sun, inspiring the name “Daywalker”

Watch Trevor Noah recounting the hilarious events below…