Trevor Noah on ‘The Daily Show’ exit. Image via Instagram @trevornoah.

‘I will not miss the grind’: Trevor Noah on ‘The Daily Show’ exit

Trevor Noah revealed what he misses and doesn’t miss about working on ‘The Daily Show’ following his departure from show in 2022


Trevor Noah on ‘The Daily Show’ exit. Image via Instagram @trevornoah.

South African comedian Trevor Noah announced his departure from The Daily Show in September 2022, and he has since opened up about life after the show.

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The comedian had an interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on January 19 and he reminisced about the things that he misses and doesn’t miss about working on the American late-night talk show. He compared the “grind” of the show to preparing for a wedding because of the pressure and planning behind the scenes, noting that he needed to stay informed about current events.

“I remember there was one Met Gala after-party I was at. You’re at this event, it’s amazing everyone’s having a good time, you know there’s people dancing, there’s Rihanna, there’s Harry Styles and I’m in a corner like, ‘Is the filibuster tomorrow? What’s happening tomorrow?’ he told the host..

When Stephen asked him about a conversation they had where he advised Trevor to get into grind of the show so he could enjoy it. Trevor went on to reveal that he misses “the people, the culture and the vibe” of the show, but not the ‘grind.’ “I will not miss the grind” he added.

“Making a daily Television show in many ways is like planning for a wedding. So, you’re thinking, ‘Who are the guests? What are you going to wear? What’s going to happen? Who’s going to be making a toast, and what will the speeches be about? What’s everybody eating, who’s sitting where? How’s it all going — and then the wedding happens, and then you go, ‘Alright, we’re doing another wedding tomorrow,'” Noah said.

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The comedian is set to host the prestigious Grammy Awards on 5 February. Trevor is hosting the awards 3 times in a row. Speaking about the stint he said:

“Every time I go to the Grammys, I discover a new artist that I didn’t fully appreciate, that I didn’t love for the reasons I should have,” he said.

“So, you go to the Grammys, you know the artists you know… and then you’ll discover artists who will change your life. They perform live in ways that you couldn’t have imagined,” he continued.

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