Tito Mboweni prepares another dish

Tito Mboweni prepares another trending dish
Image via Twitter

‘Another pandemic’: Tito’s lamb stew likened to a ‘highway smash’

‘America is coming for that oil’: Tito Mboweni claims his cooking has ‘improved’, but tweeps are not so sure about his lamb knuckle stew…

Tito Mboweni prepares another dish

Tito Mboweni prepares another trending dish
Image via Twitter

Tito Mboweni is convinced his cooking has made a “big improvement” after showing off a new dish on Twitter…

But sadly most tweeps do not share the same sentiments, with some even comparing the lamb knuckle stew to an “automobile accident”.


Tito Mboweni has built a reputation for himself as being an expert at money, but an amateur when it comes to cooking, according to his following.

The former minister of finance regularly tries his hand in the kitchen and show off the end results on his Twitter page.

Last week, Tito attempted to make a lamb knuckle stew which he prepared in his home.

“The end was really nice. Simple meal but tasty,” he captioned the image of his culinary creation.

He also acknowledged his shortcomings — which include a boiled chicken stew and some peculiar tinned pilchards recipes — claimed he had made a “big improvement”.

He tweeted: “Big improvement. Lamb knuckles stew … Yee of no Faith! To be served together with macaroni and veggies”.

The former Reserve Bank governor served the meal on a bed of macaroni and added a splash of mustard to the mix.

He posted alongside an image of his empty plate: “Done and dusted. Cleaned out .. It was really nice… I must try the chicken stew along these lines next time. No chicken drowning”.


It wasn’t long before the reactions started pouring in….and many of them were hilarious jabs at the “foodie”.

One tweep shared a hilarious analysis of the dish.

“Mboweni’s food is like an automobile accident. You know it’s bad but you can’t help looking. Today’s highway smash. 1.Aromatic diffuser on the dining room table with food. 2.Gordon Ramsay oil proportions in lamb stew. 3 men sized portions for one person. 4. No veggies.”

Another tweep joked: “Dude hasn’t died of food poisoning yet”.

And a third criticised his side dish.

“Macaroni? Why not just make mashed potatoes or rice? Ai, your cooking is another pandemic.”

Others claimed the meal was particularly unhealthy, given the large quantity of oil clearly visible.

“America is coming for that oil,” quipped one tweep, whilst another added: “So much oil even the Middle East is jealous”.

Another added: “Cholesterol knocking at your door”.

Radio personality Redi Tlhabi thought the meal was particularly heavy on the protein.

She tweeted: “He eats VERY late at night! Huge chunks of meat and carbs after 8, 9 or 10pm! Tjo!”.

Others, however thought Tito had indeed made an improvement.

“Your food looks nice today,” posted one follower.