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Screenshot of the Thobela FM homepage. Image: Thobela FM website

Thobela FM’s Lenny T reinstated following boycott threats by listeners

Thobela FM presenter Lenny T Legodi is back on the airwaves after listeners promised to boycott the station.

Thobela FM homepage

Screenshot of the Thobela FM homepage. Image: Thobela FM website

SABC’s Thobela FM is no stranger to controversy. The station’s shenanigans have been laid bare for everyone to see after management allegedly suspend one of their breakfast show presenters, Leonard “Lenny T” Legodi, who has since returned to the airwaves after backlash from listeners.

Legodi co-hosted Ditlalemeso from 6AM-9AM on weekdays with Poelano Setwabaaka, also known as Madam Speaker”.

The “diamond of the airwaves” was off-air for two weeks after being suspended by the station’s management for allegedly attending DJ Sumbody’s funeral in November. Reasons for the alleged suspension are unknown as Thobela FM went mum about it.

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Earlier this year in May, radio personality Sebasa Mogale who hosted the afternoon drive show, Ntshirogele, with Mankoko Baby, was dismissed from the station after being implicated into a cryptocurrency scandal. Mogale was accused of defrauding hundreds of bitcoin investors and promising them huge returns, which they never received.

In 2018, Kwenisto Makgakga was given marching orders after the song-of-the-year debacle. Kwenisto was accused of tampering with the song-of-the-year results, which led to Master KG’s Skeleton Moves hit song winning the title for song-of-the-year award against King Monada’s 2018 hit single, Malwedhe. In his defence, Kwenisto said he was acting on the instructions of Mosh Matsena, former Thobela FM station manager.

Recently, news emerged that Sontaga Lechelele, one of Thobela FM’s newsreaders, had also been showed the door for reasons not yet made public. The controversial radio station has also been accused of nepotism.

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Listeners fumes and promise to boycott the station

The news of Lenny T’s alleged suspension sparked an uproar with listeners promising to boycott the radio station.

Listeners took to social media to express their concerns about the presenter’s absence from Ditlalemeso, saying that the breakfast show has been boring without the presenter’s enchanting voice and threatening to switch to other radio stations should management fail to bring him back.

Listeners also promised to withdraw from attending the annual Thobela FM Gospel Festival taking place every December in Polokwane. The disgruntled listeners said they would not show up for the festival and threatened to sell their tickets, in support of their favourite radio presenter, Lenny T.