thembinkosi lorch natasha thahane

Orlando Pirates player Thembinkosi Lorch, his ex-girlfriend Nokuphiwa Mathithibala and actress Natasha Thahane. Images via Instagram

True or false? Did Thembinkosi Lorch ditch Natasha for his ex?

Has Orlando Pirates player Thembinkosi Lorch packed his kit and left actress Natasha Thahane for good? But what about the ‘staircase theory’?

thembinkosi lorch natasha thahane

Orlando Pirates player Thembinkosi Lorch, his ex-girlfriend Nokuphiwa Mathithibala and actress Natasha Thahane. Images via Instagram

One thing is for certain…one is never certain whether Orlando Pirates soccer star Thembinkosi Lorch and his baby mama Natasha Thahane are on or off in their relationship. Whether intentional or not, these two have mastered the art of keeping their fans in suspense: Are they together? Did they break up again? Is Lorch really the baby daddy?

One can’t help but picture them lying in bed together, chuckling about what they are going to do next to create a social media stir.

They deftly dribble around the issue of their relationship status by: 1) posting about one another on social media, then 2) deleting all their suggestive posts and 3) unfollowing one another… As soon as everyone has written them off as a couple, they start sharing stories of them being an item again.

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Is Lorch back in the arms of his ex?

The latest rumour doing the rounds on social media, is that Lorch has dumped the Blood & Water actress and producer for his ex-girlfriend Nokuphiwa Mathithibala. Natasha is believed to have given birth at the end of April this year.

According to iHarare, rumours of Lorch getting back together with Nokuphiwa started circulating when she posted pictures of herself with Lorch when they were still serving #CoupleGoals and captioned them “Memories”.

Nokuphiwa broke up with the soccer player just before he started dating Natasha in 2019 following allegations of domestic violence. The charges were dropped later, and Lorch was cleared of all charges.

‘He is a complete liability’

According to Savanna News, the Orlando Pirates player has been labelled a ladies’ man, with some of his relationships ending due to cheating rumours. 

Controversial YouTuber Slik Talk had nothing flattering to say about the soccer player when Natasha announced her pregnancy. He went as far as calling their relationship one of the “worst mistakes” the actress has ever made..

This is one of the worst mistakes you’ve ever made in your life, you don’t beg on a guy like Lorch. He is a complete liability, a fraud and an overhyped media darling. He will disappoint you every time.” 

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The state of Lorch and Natasha: Break-up rumours doing the rounds

Last month, it appeared Lorch and Natasha went their separate ways again after controversial gossip monger Musa Khawula revealed that the soccer player had deleted pictures of Natasha and that the two had unfollowed each other on Instagram.

On 3 October, MacG, Sol Phenduka and Ghost Lady also discussed the break-up rumours in an episode of Podcast and Chill. Their verdict? Natasha “is a single mother now”.

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The ‘Lorch and Nokuphiwa theory’

On-and-off relationship: Natasha Thahane and Thembinkosi Lorch. Images via Instagram @natasha_thahane @thembinkosi_lorch_3

Savanna News quoted a source close to the couple who reportedly revealed that the two were already going through a rough patch before the baby’s arrival. With the little bundle in the crib at home, things went downhill fast.

According to the source, Lorch does not want to settle down, while Natasha yearns for them to make things official and settle down.

Twitter user @Real_KingSfiso took to the platform with his “break-up theory”, speculating that Lorch left Natasha for   Nokuphiwa.

“So vele Lorch dumped Natasha and goes back to his ex Nokuphiwa.” 

The staircase theory

However, scrolling down to the comments section of the post, seems to blast the tweep’s theory out of the water.

It appears that the most recent picture posted by Lorch on 22 October was taken in Natasha’s house as the staircase seems to be is the same one that features is in her IG profile picture.

Natasha also took to her Instagram Stories to share Orlando Pirates 3-0 win against Sundowns on Saturday 22 October.  

My guess is that they are still together…for now.