Actress Thembi Seete

Thembi Seete is gorgeous. Image via Twitter @luthendoc

‘Fresher than ama2000’: Thembi Seete’s beauty captivates SA

46-year-old actress Thembi Seete continues to pleasantly surprise South Africans with her good looks and natural glow.

Actress Thembi Seete

Thembi Seete is gorgeous. Image via Twitter @luthendoc

Thembi Seete is is still as timeless as ever and a South African gem. The actress and musician celebrated her 46th birthday this year but doesn’t look a day over 21. Her good looks have baffled many social media users for years now and they just can’t help but wonder what her secret is.

The Gomora actress once again found herself on top of Twitter trends as many locals discussed how beautiful she is after all these years.

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Thembi Seete rakes in compliments with her good looks

Not everyone ages like fine wine but local media personality Thembi Seete does. The South African entertainer is well over 40 but looks as young as ever.

Thembi has once again found herself trending on social media as South Africans praised her for taking such wonderful care of herself.

Thembi Seete career
Thembi Seete is gorgeous. Images via Instagram @thembiseete_

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Many also asked what fountain of youth she was drinking from because she is truly one of a kind.

The star has also managed to stay scandal-free after all these years – something many celebs can’t say they’ve done.

Taking to Twitter, one person remarked that the Idols SA judge is “fresher than ama2000s (younger than the generation of people born in the 2000s).

The app user also shared a stunning pic of Thembi. Take a look below:

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SA definitely agrees

Many headed to the comment section to agree that she looks great. Others begged for her secret.

“Saw her last night at bahama bar dancing while performing Boom shaka songs. Ke fine wine,” one person said while another added:

“This one doesn’t age at all. She looks like she is 25 for the past 10 years”

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