Steve hofmeyr COVID

Photo by Gallo Images / Beeld / Wikus de Wet

Steve Hofmeyr details his COVID struggles – days after calling virus ‘a plot’

The outspoken artist has been on something of a journey in the past week – and Steve Hofmeyr has gone from COVID-skeptic to struggling patient.

Steve hofmeyr COVID

Photo by Gallo Images / Beeld / Wikus de Wet

The controversial Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr has revealed his struggles with a serious case of COVID this week – and he’s spent a large chunk of the last few days in bed. Sharing an update on his Facebook page, the performer said that he has been suffering from a vast array of symptoms – despite recently expressing his cynicism about the pandemic.

Steve Hofmeyr’s views on COVID, vaccines…

Last Monday, Hofmeyr mused about COVID-19 and openly wondered if it was all part of a ‘money-making plot’.

“The COVID-19 debate is unearthed in a narrowness. Group A shouts ‘vaccine now, or access restrictions!’… Group B shouts ‘don’t take the needle, you will regret it’. Is there a plot? I think so. But not to kill us. Just to make a lot of money, and it can give a reckless propaganda a lot of oxygen.” | Steve Hofmeyr

He has also expressed some hesitancy when it comes to receiving a coronavirus vaccine.

“Everytime I’m on the verge of taking the jab, I read these type of [vaccine hesitancy] comments, back to back!

‘This is a woeful disease’

However, reality has bitten hard for Steve Hofmeyr over the weekend, after he confirmed that a positive test wiped him out. Fever, kidney pains, and even dizziness kept the musician off his feet, leading him to brand the disease both ‘woeful’ and ‘evil’. On Monday, Hofmeyr eased the fears of his friends and supporters, confirming he was ‘starting to feel better’.

“Within 48 hours [of testing positive for COVID-19] I was flat, poor oxygen counts, cold fever, high temperatures, kidney pain, dizziness, cough. Saturday night I poured liters of water over my bed and lay down in it just to get my temperatures below 38°C. It’s a woeful disease, this. I don’t know this.”

“The cold grip of the pestilence is hanging like this in your air corridors. It is evil. Last night was better. Thanks. I read everything. Nothing heals like the thousands of messages. My wife, quiet, unselfish, and without conditions, is an ER unit on her own. She is sick herself but is on duty at all hours to look after me. Thank you my darling.”

Steve Hofmeyr