springboks, siya kolisi, all blacks

Springboks fans are full of praise for captain Siya Kolisi.
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‘Perfect head boy’: Silly Siya Kolisi leaves fans cackling [watch]

‘He’s just a silly goofy guy man what’s not to love,’ one fan said about Siya Kolisi after watching him in this funny clip.

springboks, siya kolisi, all blacks

Springboks fans are full of praise for captain Siya Kolisi.
Images via Twitter:

South Africans across the country are still filled with glee after the Springboks defeated France in last week’s nail biting quarterfinal Rugby World Cup match. After watching the team’s captain Siya Kolisi being his goofy self at the post match conference, many have laughed at how he is truly South African and unable to keep a serious face even when he tries.

Watching him say ‘bonjour’ into the microphone has been one of the highlights of the evening for South Africans who loved watching him gloat a little.

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Siya Kolisi’s post match tactics leave Mzansi laughing

The last few weeks have been absolutely blissful for SA rugby fans who have shared in the joy of watching the country’s national team, the Springboks do their best on the field as the Rugby World Cup commences.

Last Sunday’s match was definitely one for the books.

The Springboks faced off against France who fought hard but in the end, lost the match 28-29 to the boys in green and gold.

Springboks Captain siya Kolisi.
South Africans were thrilled by Kolisi’s performance in the Springboks squad. Image by @bokrugby/Instagram.

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The joy on Siya’s face was evident after the match — even though he tried hard to hide it — and Mzansi just loves that for him.

A video of him entering the conference room after the match has gone viral as locals discuss his little bonjour wave which was accompanied by a cheeky smile.

Some who watched the video said that he is the perfect “head boy” for SA since he — like many other South Africans — struggles to be serious.

Take a look at the clip below:


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SA loves it

In the comment section, South Africans cracked many jokes about Siya and France’s big defeat.

“He’s so unserious, he looks like he was about to laugh here,” one person said while another wrote:

“It’s the awkward smile that wants to burst into a teary laughter,at this point the French said Bonjour ngunyoko”

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