Oyama Dyosiba and Zahara. Image via Instagram @oyama_dyosiba@oyama_dyosiba

‘She has changed’: Zahara drops longtime manager and cousin

Zahara has reportedly kicked long-time manager Oyama Dyosiba out of her home. Sources say the songstress would be ‘nothing’ without Dyosiba.


Oyama Dyosiba and Zahara. Image via Instagram @oyama_dyosiba@oyama_dyosiba

Zahara signed with record label Warner Music in April this year and bagged a global deal with them. The platinum-selling singer was overjoyed by her new deal with Warner music. Sources say since signing with Warner Music, the songstress has “changed” and has allegedly kicked her manager out of her home.

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Sources told Daily Sun that since the Loliwe singer signed with Warner Music, she has surrounded herself with new people. One source said that she has allegedly shown her long-time manager Oyama Dyosiba the door and kicked him out of her Roodepoort home. 

According to another source, Dyosiba has contributed plenty to her music career. 

“He has kept her reputation clean and the alleged drunk video incident would not have happened under his watch.”


Long-time producer Mojalefa “Mjakes” Thebe who worked on Zahara’s album Nqaba Yam, said he was aware of her fall out with Dyosiba. He says Zahara and Dyosiba fell out for their own reasons. 

In response to what sources said about his relationship with Zahara, Dyosiba mentioned that he is not a person who holds grudges and he is open to sorting out his issues with her. Dyosiba also mentioned that he and Zahara are cousins.

When asked if she had a response on the matter, Zahara said, “I don’t want to get involved. My music has been doing great. You don’t even ask about that.” 


Zahara released her new album Nqaba Yam on 13 August. The 12-track album is her seventh studio album. The Sama award-winning artist explores her life story in the album. 

She shared that before her sister Nomonde passed away, she said her favourite song from Nqaba Yam, was Sinda Mphefumelo

The lead single for the album is Izolo that explores the rollercoaster of being in a relationship.