Married to MJ

Images via Instagram: @MrsKathleenR/@MichaelJackson

Married to MJ: Lady says Martin Luther helped her wed King of Pop’s ghost

US medium Kathleen Roberts claims that she has been married to Michael Jackson’s ghost for 7 years after Martin Luther King Jnr officiated their wedding.

Married to MJ

Images via Instagram: @MrsKathleenR/@MichaelJackson

Just when you thought the news can’t get any more bizarre, one woman claims that she is married to Michael Jackson’s ghost. Kathleen Roberts, an American medium claims that she has been married to the King of Pop for 7 years and their marriage was officiated by the late Martin Luther King Jnr.

Bizarre Micheal Jackson marriage claims

A US medium named Kathleen Roberts has left people feeling all sorts of perplexed after claiming that she has been married to pop star Micheal Jackson’s ghost for 7 years. In a Daily Star article, Roberts explains how MJ supposedly “possessed” her and now lives inside her after proposing to her with a pink diamond ring.

She also reveals that Martin Luther King Jnr officiated their nuptials while she was getting out of the bath. She also said that the two of them don’t engage in sexual activity but he does like to use her body for dancing and “eating cookies.”

“Michael stays in me all the time so he comes to the restroom with me and calls these special bonding moments ‘toiletries’.

“He sings and dances possessed in me (or channeling if you refer to it professionally). He talks to me a lot, which is not what I expected from the shy man I saw on tv all of those years I was a fan.”

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Married to MJ: More crazy claims

According to Roberts, she has tried a number of times to get intimate with her famous husband’s ghost but he is just not into it. According to her, he even goes as far as to share visions of spiders and dead corpses to scare her away when she tries to kiss or touch him.

“He doesn’t like being touched back. He scares me with spider visions and dead corpse visions if I kiss him or try to initiate romance physically,” she says in a New York Post article.

She doesn’t end there with her bizarre claims. She also goes on to say that she is the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe. We guess MJ has a thing for beautiful blondes…

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