Newzroom Afrika has been criticised for inviting Somizi Mhlongo to speak about the Maselspoort Resort racial attack.
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‘Expert on racism?’: Somizi dragged over Maselspoort interview

Broadcaster Newzroom Afrika has been dragged after it invited Somizi Mhlongo to share his views about the Maselspoort Resort racial attack.


Newzroom Afrika has been criticised for inviting Somizi Mhlongo to speak about the Maselspoort Resort racial attack.
Images via Twitter

Media personality Somizi Mhlongo may have strong opinions about the Maselspoort Resort racial attack last month, but South Africans don’t think it was enough to warrant an interview on broadcaster Newzroom Afrika.

The TV and radio personality faced intense scrutiny after he was set to speak his mind about the incident where a group of white men attacked two black teenage boys at a Bloemfontein resort in December.

After the attack, Somizi shared his thoughts in an expletive Instagram post, calling on the government to take action against the “racist f**kers.”

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On Monday 2 January, Newzroom Afrika shared a tweet promoting their interview with Somizi. The clip was meant to air on Tuesday and feature the media personality discussing the Maselspoort Resort racial attack.

However, Carte Blanche presenter Claire Mawisa took offence to the channel selecting a celebrity to discuss race relations in South Africa.

Sharing a clip of TV veteran Graeme Norton, she tweeted: “Dear @Newzroom405. Please note that even though we love Somizi, a good point is made here by Graeme Norton about how we should perhaps go about discussing serious issues in media.”

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She added in follow-up tweets: “This isn’t specifically about Somizi. It’s about well-known personalities that are often roped in on discussions way out of their orbit of expertise. Their voices don’t move the conversation forward in any meaningful way. Broadcasters must stop it. Audiences deserve more.

She continued: “There are few personalities that are that discerning to turn down what looks like an opportunity to center themselves in a conversation. They’re their own business; they’ll use every opportunity to stay relevant or current. Again, this isn’t just a Somizi issue”.

After Claire’s tweet concerns went viral, Newzroom Afrika quickly deleted their tweet and removed Somizi as a guest speaker. But the outspoken presenter was not impressed. She added: “Deleting the post as if it didn’t exist also isn’t the best move. We saw it! Why not acknowledge that you have reconsidered and have listened to the viewers? Now that would have earned you points.”


Many Twitter users agreed with Claire Mawisa about Somizi, although many more had far harsher words.

@SneKhumaloSA: “Been absent from Twitter for a month, and I return to find Somizi is now an expert on racial issues?”

@MDNnewss: “Somizi is an expert on racism issues since he was in Sarafina?”

@Sisi_Sasha: “I’m going to need Somizi to weigh in on the injustice of food prices going up along with the petrol price but never decreasing when petrol decreases.”

@relebogiledior: “It’s disgusting for DStv to allow abusers on our screens. You don’t deserve our subscription. Wasn’t Somizi accused of GBV? Sies!”

@Kat_Motsiri: “Somizi has nothing to contribute at all to that conversation. Absolutely nothing. Let’s be for real.”

@Am_Blujay: “I doubt Somizi has ever been to Maselspoort Resort. He goes to Italy, Tanzania, or Bali during the holiday. I don’t think he should comment on such issues. Why not ask people around the resort.”

@LeMondZuid: “Are all political commentators still on holiday?”

@Mmanare_T: “Somizi shouldn’t say yes to everything. He should have known that this is above him. This is a huge matter not to be taken lightly.”