1 Magic viewers show disinterest in Somizi’s reality show. Image via Instagram @somizi

Somizi Mhlongo’s reality show bores 1 Magic audience as they show no interest

As the new season of Somizi Mhlongo’s show, Living the Dream With Somizi, was announced, viewers showed disinterest in their story.


1 Magic viewers show disinterest in Somizi’s reality show. Image via Instagram @somizi

After announcing the rerun of the fifth season of Somizi Mhlongo’s reality TV programme, Living The Dream with Somizi, on Tuesday, 1Magic created quite a stir on social media.

In the teaser, Somizi responds to Mohale Motaung, his estranged spouse, who accused him of abusing him in 2021.

He emphasises that he just learned about the accusations through word-of-mouth and that he has never had time to sit down and listen to the audio of Mohale’s confession.

After seeing the teaser, many people—including Mohale—have expressed their dissatisfaction with the drama.

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Mohale told his side of the story

On the unofficial documentary Somizi & Mohale: End of the Road, which debuted on Showmax on August 25, 2022, Mohale provided his perspective on the events.

The documentary provided an inside look at their relationship, its public collapse following the tape release of Mohale accusing Somizi of abuse, as well as the implications for South Africa’s larger LGBTQIA+ community and the fans of the couple.

On season five of Living the Dream With Somizi and the documentary Mohale: On the Record, the couple was open about their relationship.

Both of their titles topped the charts on Twitter and Showmax when they were released.

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In their presentations, they discussed their different perspectives on their relationship.

Motaung revealed their connection last year, saying he was content up until certain things started to occur.

Mohale claimed in an interview with Aldrin Sampear that he was told he just had his attractive appearance to offer.

The show has received mixed reviews from viewers, many of whom have lost interest in the marriage that first generated controversy.

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The times Somizi dragged Mohale into the show

In the first episode of the fifth season of Living the Dream with Somizi, the media personality jumped right into his failed marriage and divorce. Their sexual life, according to Somizi, was not good.

It was implied that Mohale was broke. Somizi prayed to God to provide him with a partner who has half of his fortune since the men he dates are impoverished.

This was most likely a dig at Mohale.

Mohale was referred to as a con man, a robber, and a money thief by Somizi when it was said that Mohale wanted half of his fortune.