Ayanda Ncwane

Ayanda Ncwane answers her spiritual calling. Image via Instagram @ayandancwane

Ayanda Ncwane answers her spiritual calling [watch]

Ayanda Ncwane Discloses and talks about her new Spiritual Calling and her almost death hospitalisation experience

Ayanda Ncwane

Ayanda Ncwane answers her spiritual calling. Image via Instagram @ayandancwane

Many people were astonished when Ncwane Communications CEO, Ayanda Ncwane revealed her recent near-death experience.

Ayanda Ncwane explains why she hasn’t been active on her social media platforms for the previous several months in a video that was posted on her brand-new, self-titled YouTube channel. In the video, she details her hospital stay.

Ayanda Ncwane recounts her experience of dying, reviving, and concluding the film by praying in tongues for the sick.

Ayanda Ncwane 🇿🇦 on Instagram: “Greetings my beloved ones ❤️🥰….it’s been a minute 🤗. Allow me take you along with on this new journey of my life. Herewith is the teaser…”

Ayanda explains why she was gone for a while in the video, saying,

“I was not busy with anything but rather something was busy with me”.

Ayanda became unwell while visiting another country for business concerns, and on April 19, 2023, she was admitted to the hospital.

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This should not be confused with a traditional healing calling.

Instead, she was being called to “serve” God and the mission He had given her.

Ayanda describes her near-death encounter in April 2023, during which she received a call from God telling her to accept her calling or die in the video she made.

She says she has known about the calling for years. But until it came down to that or dying, she had never accepted it.

She posted the video as her channel’s official debut video on YouTube as a result.

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So, it’s difficult to predict what will happen next.

However, it appears like Ayanda Ncwane is preparing to launch some type of congregation that would enable her to convey her “testimonies.”

Fans react

The public’s responses to Ayanda Ncwane’s recent premiere religiously heated testimony have varied since the video and her feelings were circulated on social media.


How did we get to know Ayanda Ncwane?

Ayanda was originally recognised as the late gospel superstar Sfiso Ncwane’s wife.

However, she is currently more well-known as the adored reality star from the first season of the popular Showmax reality series The Real Housewives of Durban.

Ncwane did not appear in the second or most recent third seasons, following her controversial season in which she was cast with Sfiso’s purported “other lady,” Nonku Williams, and all the turmoil that followed.

However, this did not imply that the rich reality star and entrepreneur was not making money at the time.

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