Sompire Kids founder Somizi Mhlongo. Image via Instagram: @somizi

‘Encourages boldness’: Somizi responds to kiddies line backlash

Somizi is ignoring all of the hate and continues to vigorously market his Sompire Kids clothing range. Take a look at his latest post…


Sompire Kids founder Somizi Mhlongo. Image via Instagram: @somizi

Despite receiving backlash over the launch of his clothing line, media personality Somizi Mhlongo went full speed ahead with his plans and has launched the website for his kiddies clothing range, Sompire Kids. After getting a first look, many social media users criticised the fact that some of the items had his face on them. Many others slammed the fact that he is a convicted sexual offender.

Taking to Instagram, he responded to the backlash by saying that the clothing range was meant to encourage little ones.

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Inside Somizi’s anticipated kiddies clothing range

Last week, social media users discussed their outrage at a convicted sex offender selling children’s clothing.

Many people argued that he shouldn’t be allowed in the industry while promising to boycott the brand.

Somizi's kiddies clothing range is available online. Images via Twitter: @somizi/@philmphela
Somizi’s kiddies clothing range is available online. Images via Twitter: @somizi/@philmphela

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Despite this, he has forged ahead and launched the website which is already getting many clicks. Many have shared their thoughts on the line and haven’t held back on the criticism.

“Branding/logo could have been simpler to reflect the target audience. While kids know Somizi it’s parents who will buy the clothes and relate with brand. Kids on the other hand relate to simple concepts like a cute baby animal,a fruit and a cute name rather than Sompire,” one person said.

Another questioned the fact that in 2008, the bubbly media personality was found guilty as a sex offender and sentenced to four months imprisonment or a fine of R6000.

Ignoring these comments, he took to Instagram and wrote:

“Sompire encourages kids to be themselves. It encourages boldness. It mainly revolves around positivity, loving themselves and being confident enough to be who they truly are. Hence the slogan: “Brave enough to be yourself.”

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A little support

Somizi has received support from his most loyal supporters who encouraged him to keep pushing the brand.

“Dear black parents, let’s get the basics right. It’s “UNCLE SOMIZI” to the kids. Thank you,” one fan remarked while another added:

“I love that you make it for all. Can’t wait to get one for my daughter.”

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