Holy Ten new car

Holy Ten’s new. image via Instagram @cynthiabeloved

‘Sold the country for a car’: Zim’s Zanu-PF musician Holy Ten buys a new R3 million car [video]

Zimbabwean controversial musician Holy Ten left fans calling him a sell-out after he bought his new R3 million car.

Holy Ten new car

Holy Ten’s new. image via Instagram @cynthiabeloved

Zimbabwean controversial musician and Zanu-PF supporter Holy Ten buys a new R3 million car.

Holy Ten had made all sorts of headlines in the past few months.

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He shocked many fans when he openly accused Winky D of tricking him into a song he did not know about.

Many fans went against him and even unfollowed him on his social media platforms.

Surprisingly, Holy Ten was only starting his war against most Zimbabweans on social media.

A few weeks later, he openly supported the ruling party, Zanu-PF and its leader, President ED Mnangagwa.

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It seemed that was the beginning of Holy Ten’s new life, and he was living big.

A few days ago, he surprised fans as he shared that he had bought a new car worth around R3 million.

His wife Kimberly Richards also shared videos congratulating his husband for adding another car.

“A significant addition to our family, congratulations papa, congratulations to us”

Holy Ten new car
Holy Ten. image via Instagram @holytenmusic


Even though he did not take it from the plastics, Holy Ten’s Range Rover is pretty new to the standards of Zimbabwe.

Unfortunately, some fans could not congratulate him as they claimed it was from the Zanu-PF money.

This is all after the disputed elections, with many people believing that the Holy Ten contributed to the continued suffering of Zimbabweans.

“Bro Sold his country for a Range. Im sure he can do the same to his son”

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“Ok it’s time to deal with him now, hanti ndiye akaEndorse Zanu kuti tirambe tichitambudzika, iye atengerwe range rover nemariii yeNyika😢”

“i am so hurt… i wouldn’t want to be Kim 🤮.. this grosses me tf out. People sick in hospitals without beds.. People are suffering just to get food, no jobs for the youth,.. people turning to drugs so they don’t feel pain. And we have someone we all saw growing from nothing to something doing this… THIS MAKES ME SICK TO MY STOMACH!!.. God bless you Holy!! you couldn’t even stand your truth!! Such a Shame💔…”


Zimbabwe held its General elections on the 23rd and 24th of August but it has attracted so much attention.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission declared President Emerson Mnangagwa the winner, but the opposition refused.

With all this controversy, Zimbabweans blame the Holy Ten for having a hand supporting Zanu-PF and even buying a new car.

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They claim the election was not free and fair, and most of the election observers agreed.

Since then, the main opposition CCC led by Nelson Chamisa has refused to accept the results as they demand new polls.

A special delegation from SADC is set to solve the crisis in Zimbabwe, and more news will come.