TV producer Sidwell Sipho Ngwenya.

TV producer Sidwell Sipho Ngwenya. Image via Instagram @sidwell_n

‘Stop chasing clout’: Sipho ‘Psyfo’ Ngwenya reacts to his death hoax

The media personality has responded in a series of tweets to a Facebook post which claimed that he is dead.

TV producer Sidwell Sipho Ngwenya.

TV producer Sidwell Sipho Ngwenya. Image via Instagram @sidwell_n

TV and music producer Sidwell Sipho ‘Psyfo’ Ngwenya was left infuriated yesterday morning (13 August) after a Facebook post by Siyabulela Spetsnaz Skey alleged that the former YOTV presenter had passed away.

The media personality addressed the Facebook post on Twitter after someone brought the fake post to his attention.

Ngwenya cautioned his followers that death hoaxes shouldn’t be taken lightly especially now that death has become a daily occurrence in our lives.

He also advised his followers to stop using social media as a platform to chase clout and hurt others as it’s got an impact on depression and anxiety in society.


The star lost his mother, well-known opera singer June “Diva” Kraus in January this year a month after he married his long-term girlfriend Amirah Mirah. 

He announced the news on his Instagram account with a heartfelt dedication and thanked his mom for the life she gave him.

Ngwenya also said that his mother passed away while pursuing her passion: travel.

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The internet also killed actress Lydia Mokgokoloshi who is playing the role of Koko Mantsha on Skeem Saam and musician Zola 7 a few weeks ago (26 July).

Fans of the musician and the legendary actress were relieved after Skeem Saam and Zola’s team confirmed both incidents were fake news.

Skeem Saam issued a statement on social media saying Koko is alive and breathing and Zola’s actor friend Zola Hashatsi took to his Twitter account and refuted claims the musician is dead

Hashatsi tweeted:

I just called Zola and spoke to my namesake. Says he is OK. SA, this sh*t of killing abantu basaphila ain’t sh*t. Stop it!

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