Dr Nandipha court prayer

Dr Nandipha. image via Twitter @PhilMphela

‘She’s not praying, she’s reminiscing’: Dr Nandipha’s pose divides Twitter [video]

‘The reality is now sinking in’ – Dr Nandipha closed eyes and cried as she left fans divided on whether she was praying or reminiscing.

Dr Nandipha court prayer

Dr Nandipha. image via Twitter @PhilMphela

Dr Nandipha’s pose in the court divided Twitter on whether she was praying or reminiscing.

Dr Nandipha and Thabo Bester surprised the whole country a few months ago.

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Since then, it seemed that Dr Nandipha and Thabo Bester felt no sympathy for their actions.

They were spotted giggling in court several times, and South Africans did not like it.

A few days ago, they were smiling at each other, and people had much to say about it.

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Shockingly, this time around, Dr Nandipha came and stood, closing her eyes before the courts.

Many people were shocked; they could not tell if she was praying or reminiscing.

People on Twitter ended up agreeing that she was not praying.

“She’s not praying; she’s reminiscing :sob::sob: #DrNandiphaMagudumana”



Only Dr Nandipha knows the truth, as she posed before the courts.

She was quiet and silent, her eyes closed, and some people assumed she was praying.

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This notion received so much backlash from others on Twitter as they disagreed.

Some said she was seeking sympathy as she went on to cry in the court.

It seemed like she was awakened from a deep sleep as she discovered the depth of what she did.



South Africans on Twitter continued arguing whether Dr Nandipha was praying or reminiscing.

“Even if her tears fill an ocean, I still wouldn’t feel sorry for her. She’s a criminal and deserve to rot in jail.Skhohlakali somfazi🚮”

“Crying on the day you apply for bail💀. All along she was okai”

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“She finally came to her senses that this is her new reality 😂😂”

“Her career is over,where is she going after getting bail? We can’t have dangerous people in the society especially her and the boyfriend. There is an agenda she wants to fulfill outside trust me.”

“Ag shame” buying two dead bodies to help convicted rapist escape jail. Illigally entering Tanzania and now the depotation was illegal”