MaMkhize yacht

MaMkhize is yacht shopping in Miami. Image via Instagram @MaMkhize/Instagram

After gifting herself with a Rolls-Royce, MaMkhize gifts poor with homes

In celebration of 20 years in the construction industry, Shauwn ‘MaMkhize’ Mkhize has decided to build 20 homes for those in need.

MaMkhize yacht

MaMkhize is yacht shopping in Miami. Image via Instagram @MaMkhize/Instagram

After Shauwn “MaMkhize” Mkhize showed off her latest purchase on 6 April — a Rolls-Royce worth R16 million which she gifted herself with for her birthday — the reality TV star decided to show her charitable side.

The wealthy businesswoman and reality TV star from KwaZulu-Natal is now focusing on philanthropy by building 20 houses for the underprivileged with the help of prison inmates. 

MaMkhize is giving back

According to TimesLive, MaMkhize revealed she had partnered with the SABC1 youth current affairs how Expressions and the department of correctional services to build 20 houses throughout the year for underprivileged people.

MaMkhize took to Instagram to announce the project. She explained it would see her involving inmates, who she hopes to help give a “second chance” at life.

She said she and her son, Andile Mpisane, visited the construction site where one of the houses was being built and she was impressed by the progress.

A special site visit

“Yesterday my prince Andile and I went to do a site visit at #1 of 20 houses we will be building this year. We’ve collaborated with SABC 1’s Expressions and the department of correctional services for labour,” she said.

What’s more, she was really impressed at the level of workmanship shown by the inmates.

“I have committed to assisting them as part of their rehabilitation programme which focuses on skills, training and return to work strategies. We all deserve a second chance in life,” she wrote.

She also explained what motivated her to take on the challenge of helping the needy.

She said they initially reached out to her and told her the story about a family of children in KwaZulu-Natal who lost their mother. The family is now headed by a child in matric.

Celebrating 20 years in the construction industry

The story made an impression her and further encouraged her to take part.

“As I am celebrating 20 years in the construction industry this will be one of the 20 houses I’ll be building. I think I can contribute and do something good for the poor child. There is a need for affordable housing and I will call on other businesses to help,” she said.