Somizi finds love again

Somizi has found a new love interest Image via Instagram @somizi

Wardrobe malfunction: Somizi’s ‘I bully bullies’ T-shirt sparks Twitter storm

In the wake of bullied teen Lufuno Mavhungo’s suicide, Somizi took to the social media streets to lash out about ‘toxic’ Twitter…but got trolled for the words on his T-shirt instead.

Somizi finds love again

Somizi has found a new love interest Image via Instagram @somizi

TV and media personality Somizi Buyani Mhlongo-Motaung, popularly known as Somizi, expressed his thoughts on bullying via a tweet on 16 April highlighting how Twitter is the most ‘“toxic” app. 

Following the the suicide of the bullied 15-year-old Lufuno Mavhungo from Limpopo on 12 April, Somizi took to Twitter to express his thoughts on bullying and social media, specifically pointing out how toxic Twitter is. 

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Somizi has previously been trolled on Twitter for his sexuality and his rocky marriage with Mohale Motaung. 

“Bullying is real…….and especially in the social media streets…….Twitter being the most toxic app…..its never too late to be kind……bullies can be helped only if they accept that they’ need help….,” wrote Somizi. 

However, Somizi was trolled on his post about trolling. Twitter users did not agree with the image Somizi posted along with his thoughts on bullying. 


The shirt he wore in his post had the following words printed on it: “I’m not bullable. I bully bullies.”

A Twitter user had the following to say about this:

“Then in the end we have a society infested with bullies. Person shrugging. Becoz one is bullied they too should turn into a bully. Revisit and revise this Somga.” 

Somizi agreed with the Tweep and responded to the comment explaining that when he had the shirt printed he was coming from a place of anger and frustration of constantly being bullied himself. 

“I completely agree with u and im gonna change it…..when I printed the tshirt the message came from a place of anger and frustration of being constantly bullied and sending a message that if ur a bully u have have come to a dead end with me….thanks for yo perspective,” explained Somizi. 


Other Tweeps shared the same perspective that bullying should not be a two-way street and by encouraging bullying, bullies we are subsequently normalising bullying.


Aside from the focus placed on bullying, other Tweeps agreed with Somizi’s statement that Twitter is toxic.

Somizi is not the only famous face to feel that way. Celebrities such as Bonang have previously expressed the same thoughts on the platform of Twitter, saying that it is has become “filthy”.

Celebrities on an international scale also feel the same way. In March, “Clapback queen” Chrissy Teigen decided to leave Twitter because it had a negative effect on her mental health.

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