Sbahle Mpisane has put her brother Andile Mpisane’s ex-girlfriend Sithelo Shozi on blast in a recent Twitter space.
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‘Why did she not open a case?’: Sbahle Mpisane puts Sithelo on blast

Sbahle Mpisane has been put on blast after ‘trashing’ Sithelo Shozi, the ex-girlfriend of her brother Andile Mpisane, in a Twitter space.


Sbahle Mpisane has put her brother Andile Mpisane’s ex-girlfriend Sithelo Shozi on blast in a recent Twitter space.
Image via Instagram

Sbahle Mpisane – the sister of Andile Mpisane – found herself trending on Twitter after she launched an attack against his ex-girlfriend Sithelo Shozi.

The fitness fanatic dropped several bombshells about the Durban DJ, who shares two children with the Royal FM chairman.

Sbahle’s comments came after she revealed in a recent Instagram Live that Sithelo had “blocked” her on social media.

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Speaking in a Twitter space hosted by celebrity blogger Musa Khawula, Sbahle Mpisane shed her thoughts about the saga between Andile and his ex-girlfriend.

Last month, Sithelo accused Andile of regularly abusing her throughout their relationship. She also claims that Andile “beat” her in front of his friends and family, and caused her to miscarry their unborn baby. But Sithelo’s comments were rubbished by Andile’s mother Shauwn “MaMkhize”, who called it “false and defamatory”.

Sithelo Shozi accused ex-boyfriend Andile Mpisane of abuse.
Image via Instagram @_sithelo/@andilempisane10

Speaking in isiZulu, Sbahle fired several shots against her brother’s ex, which she called a “former friend”.

They included:

  • Questioning why Sithelo did not previously open a case of assault against Andile Mpisane
  • Questioning how a picture of Sithelo’s alleged bruised and battered face -posted on her IG Stories – led to an alleged miscarriage
  • Claiming that Sithelo “damaged a Lambhorgini” that she “could not afford”, allegedly belonging to Andile.
  • Questioning why Sithelo was attracted to Andile, whom she allegedly started dating when he was underage
  • Hinting that the DJ cheated on Andile Mpisane

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But whilst Sbahle had her say about she really felt about Sithelo, Twitter listeners took offence to her airing her family’s dirty laundry.

Many tweeps claimed Sbahle was “defending” Andile, particularly on allegations of abuse.

Here’s what tweeps had to say

@APinkStarBurstt: “Sbahle forgets that she’s a woman and what Sithelo went/is going through might happen to her. Unfortunately, no amount of money can save her”

@kylie_tau: “The minute Sbahle said, ‘how do you ruin a Lamborghini that you will never afford your whole life’. I knew she hated Sithelo. They wanna see her suffer”

@PrincessKeab: “Sbahle is a sh*tty person for dragging her like that. Why is she not in jail for that car accident?”

@chazlula: “Sbahle lied about a few things when it comes to her accident. I am not surprised she’s out here trashing Sithelo”

@DlaminyPenelope: “I hope Sbahle one day will find a Man who will abuse her like Andile did to Sithelo”