Sandile Shezi to run for president

Self-proclaimed millionaire Sandile Shezi. Image Via Instagram@ sandileinnocentshezi

Sandile Shezi: Self-proclaimed millionaire on the run

Reports have it that self-proclaimed millionaire Sandile Shezi is on the run after a warrant of arrest was issued against him.

Sandile Shezi to run for president

Self-proclaimed millionaire Sandile Shezi. Image Via Instagram@ sandileinnocentshezi

Confirmed reports have it that self-proclaimed multimillionaire and Forex trader Sandile Shezi has been on the run for months after the South African Police Service issued a warrant of arrest against the alleged scammer for defrauding several people through Forex trading.

ZiMoja reports that he is on the run and has since skipped borders for the Middle East.

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No doubt, last year, Shezi hogged headlines for the wrong reasons.

The self-proclaimed multimillionaire saw several fraud cases being opened against him, and in the backdrop of these reports, the SAPS issued a warrant of arrest against Shezi.

Reports had it that two fraud cases were opened against him after he failed to pay back his investors after they invested R600 000 and R156 000 in his forex trading company.

A Limpopo man also opened a case against Sandile after he scammed him for R1 million. Last year he had another fraud case against him which was withdrawn after he managed to settle Angela Mabena’s R200 000.

Sandile Shezi on the run
Self-proclaimed millionaire Sandile Shezi was delivering a keynote speech at a local business event. Image Via Instagram@ sandileinnocentshezi

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However, ZiMoja reports that Sandile Shezi’s friends have it that he has since fled South Africa for the Middle East.

“The money he made on the scams, he invested it in offshore accounts and preparing for the day he decides to leave. But we all thought he would at least take his wife and kids.”

“Ubafo ushiye (He left) his wife and kids and just ran away from to go live in the middle east. But the question is, until when? He can’t run forever because his kids need him.”

Shezi has made a fortune from forex trading. He doubles as the CEO of Global Forex Institute. The company has been embroiled in several fraud charges in recent years.

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Reports have it that he has an estimated net worth of R42 million. However, his impressive car collection and assets always bring doubt about his net worth. Here are some of the flashiest cars owned by Shezi.

  • Ferrari California T Limited
  • Land Rover Velar
  • Maserati GranCabrio
  • BMW i8
  • G-Wagon and Mercedes Benz AMG

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