Die Antwoord

Die Antwoord. Image via Instagram @dieantwoord.

‘Same Cult’: Die Antwoord’s Yo-Landi Visser about Russell Brand

Die Antwoord’s Yo-Landi Vi$$er (Anri du Toit) has made a Facebook page post commenting about accusations against Russell Brand.

Die Antwoord

Die Antwoord. Image via Instagram @dieantwoord.

Die Antwoord’s Yo-Landi Visser has returned to Facebook, commenting about the accusations against comedian Russell Brand. The band aren’t strangers to controversy. Since their beginning, the members have been accused of everything from cultural misappropriation to assault.

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While the band and its members have stayed almost quiet on social media themselves, a post from September 2023 breaks the silence.

Here’s what Visser had to say about the accusations against Brand.

About Die Antwoord’s Yolandi Visser

Die Antwoord is a controversial South African band started in 2008.

Before this, members of Die Antwoord were part of MaxNormal.TV and The Constructus Corporation.

The song ‘Enter the Ninja’ soon went viral, becoming one of YouTube’s most watched music videos.

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South African rappers like Isaac Mutant were featured on their first album $O$ in 2009.

While being known as proponents of “zef-style”, a South African-born style that Ninja has described as “poor but [you’re] fancy”, the band remains controversial for their lyrics and alleged treatment of music industry colleagues.

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The band also appeared as fictional versions of themselves in the film Chappie.

In 2022, accusations were brought against the band by their adopted son Tokkie du Preez, according to The South African website. The accusations were soon denied by the band and their agent.

Yo-Landi, also known as Anri du Toit, has changed her Facebook profile’s name to Fafo Snuffling.

Fafo is an acronym that stands for: ‘F-around-and-find-out.’ Snuffling is a reference to her previous persona, Anica the Snuffling.

Fafo Snuffling: ‘Same Cult’

While the Snuffling page has had most of its posts removed by the administrator, new posts have been appearing on the page – which follows the official page for Die Antwoord.

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A post made on 18 September, 2023 posted a photograph of Russell Brand with the following caption:

‘Russel [sic] Brand. Ninja. Same cult.’

No other context is given for the reference to Watkin Tudor Jones (Ninja) and Russell Brand’s names appearing together.

A new album?

A small, recent edit on the Wikipedia page for Watkin Tudor Jones (Ninja/Waddy) from Die Antwoord appears under their listed albums.

According to Wikipedia, there’s an album “To Be Announced” for 2023.

No other public announcements have been made so far.