Prince Harry and the Spencers at the Invictus event. Image: Instagram via @_meghanandharry_

Prince Harry and the Spencers at the Invictus event. Image: Instagram via @_meghanandharry_

The Spencers show support for Prince Harry during Invictus service

Prince Harry’s recent Invictus Games service revealed familial tensions between the Spencers and the Windsors.

Prince Harry and the Spencers at the Invictus event. Image: Instagram via @_meghanandharry_

Prince Harry and the Spencers at the Invictus event. Image: Instagram via @_meghanandharry_

In a striking display of family dynamics, Prince Harry’s Invictus Games service became the stage for a notable absence: the Royal Family.


While Harry warmly embraced his uncle, Earl Spencer, and aunt, Lady Jane Fellowes, at St Paul’s Cathedral, the rest of the royal bloodline opted for a garden party hosted by King Charles.

Former BBC royal correspondent Michael Cole highlighted the significance of this divide.

He emphasised that the Spencers and the Windsors have never shared a close bond, according to Daily Mail.

According to Cole, the rift dates back to Princess Diana’s father, Earl “Johnnie” Spencer, who initially advised against her marriage to Prince Charles.


He expressed concerns about the intense public scrutiny she would face.

Despite his reservations, Johnnie Spencer ultimately supported the marriage. He symbolically gave Diana away at St Paul’s Cathedral.

However, the Spencer family never fully embraced the aura of royalty. Diana herself asserted her title and lineage, according to Hello.

The tensions between the families escalated during Diana’s tumultuous divorce from Prince Charles. The Spencers naturally sided with Diana.


Earl Spencer’s impassioned eulogy at Diana’s funeral openly criticised the Royal Family. This further cemented the divide between the two dynasties.

Fast forward to the present, and the rift remains palpable.

At Harry’s Invictus service, attended by his “birth family”, represented by Earl Spencer and Lady Jane Fellowes, the absence of the Royal Family spoke volumes.


The Spencers’ unwavering support for Harry contrasts starkly with the perceived detachment of the Windsors, according to the Tatler.

The symbolic gesture of Earl Spencer replacing the Union Flag with the Spencer standard upon Diana’s coffin’s arrival at Althorp epitomised the enduring gap between the two families.

As Cole aptly points out, “Words have power and actions have consequences.”

Prince Harry’s criticisms of his Windsor family have only served to deepen the chasm, with his “birth family” providing a steadfast counterbalance.


Despite the absence of the Royal Family, Harry’s Invictus service was a poignant affair.

Ex-RAF servicewoman Michelle Turner delivered a moving poem describing her journey of recovery through the Invictus Games.

The congregation’s standing ovation underscored the profound impact of the event.

Harry continues to navigate his complex relationship with the Royal Family.


The divide between the Spencers and the Windsors remains a poignant reminder of the complexities of royal lineage and familial dynamics.

In the words of Cole, “Nothing could have illustrated more clearly the gap that will always separate two famous families.”

Prince Harry’s Invictus service serves as a microcosm of the enduring divide between the Spencers and the Windsors.

As Harry forges his path, the contrasting loyalties of his “birth family” and the Royal Family continue to shape his journey.