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Kit Kat
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Mzansi eats: Five iconic South African snacks you’ll miss

Mzansi eats are purely South African tastes and snacks, including ‘Jungle Oats’ and the beloved koeksister. Here are five iconic snacks.

Kit Kat

Kit Kat
Photo source: Flickr

Mzansi eats are purely South African snacks, tastes, and flavours. We all know rusks, koeksisters, cream soda, and Flings. We all love these purely South African tastes.

Which local, culinary tastes would you miss the most?

The good news: you can find these iconic Mzansi eats in South Africa.

However, you can also still buy Ouma rusks and your favourite koeksisters from another country.

Here’s our list of five iconic South African snacks you’ll miss.

Five iconic South African snacks you’ll miss

We’ve covered Mzansi eats and their unique flavour for The South African news before. However, there’s always more to say, and more snacks belonging on the list!

This article gives the Mzansi eats list six more local flavours.

Here are the South African snacks you’ll miss from anywhere else.

Mzansi eats: Rusks

Rusks are ‘a light dry biscuit’, according to Oxford Dictionaries.

However, South Africans know that its description doesn’t stop there. Rusks are one of the favourite South African snacks.

You’ve enjoyed rusks before, right?

You have to try them right now if you’ve answered no!

They’re slow-dried, and usually eaten with coffee or tea.

Also, they’re a great energy boost!

Mzansi eats: Koeksisters

Koeksisters are a famous dessert.

They’re sugary, delicious, and covered in syrup – usually after being deep-fried in oil.

Are they the Mzansi eats version of a classic doughnut?

Try one!

Then try two, and three, maybe four…

Mzansi eats: Flings

A list of local eats wouldn’t be complete without Flings, the easy-going puffed maize snack.

They’re comparable to Cheetos, however, impossible to describe without trying one. You can find them in smaller snack packs, or larger party packs.

Have you tried Flings yet?

You should!

However, don’t eat too many…

Mzansi eats: Jungle oats

Jungle Oats is one of the favourite breakfast Mzansi eats.

However, it also had a famous advertising campaign calling it the ‘Breakfast of Champions’. Likewise, Jungle Oats is a favourite today.

Do you start your mornings with Jungle Oats?

It’s a beloved local breakfast.

However, not everyone loves it equally much!

You can also add some fruit or sugar to taste.

Mzansi eats: Peanuts and Raisins

Peanuts and raisins are famous. However, they’re not quite as popular in other countries!

It’s the perfect sportstime snack. However, sports isn’t the only excuse to grab yourself some peanuts and raisins.

It’s a quick energy boost everyone knows.

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