Prince Louis of Royals

The Royals’ Prince Louis

Royals: Will Prince Louis finally get to attend Christmas concert?

The Royals are preparing to host their annual Christmas Carol Service but all eyes are on Prince Louis and if he’ll make it.

Prince Louis of Royals

The Royals’ Prince Louis

As the Royals prepare for the festive season, all eyes are on Prince Louis, one of the monarch’s youngest members.

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Five-year-old Prince Louis is still too young to command the kind of spotlight that his older siblings and cousins have been afforded in recent years. The five year old has rarely made any public appearances as his parents have made it a mission to protect him from too much of the limelight. However, there is one occasion that Royals lovers have become accustomed to seeing the children at, and everyone is wondering if Prince Louis will finally get to make an appearance at the annual affair.


Every year, The Royals host a special Carol Service where they team up with local charities to put together a special concert. Princes Harry and William were often the stars of this special service in years gone by, and these days all eyes are on the next generation of Royal princes.

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This year, all the chatter surrounds Prince William and Princess Kate’s youngest son, Prince Louis, and whether he will make his first-ever carol service.

The official Instagram account announced this year’s service by saying, “A very special Carol Service, coming soon. Together At Christmas with @earlychildhood is returning to Westminster Abbey on Friday 8 December. This will be a special moment to thank all those who do so much to support babies, young children and families in our communities across the UK. We can’t wait for you to join us too – tune in on @ITV, Christmas Eve”

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However, the comments were filled with many fans asking if the youngest son would make his Carol Service debut. One wrote, “Can we finally see Prince Louis at the Carols? That would make my year!”


By all accounts, Kate and William’s children get along very well. Prince George (10) and Princess Charlotte (eight) are the two oldest, and Prince Louis is the youngest of the next generation of Royals. Speaking to Yahoo News, a source explained how well the trio gets along – and hinted that they are also keeping their parents very busy!

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The source said, “William and Catherine undoubtedly have the same battles so many parents endure, about screen time and sibling squabbles. But the children seem to generally get along pretty well, with sporty Charlotte singing and dancing, and being quite cheeky, and Louis a bundle of mischief, probably getting away with a heck of a lot more because he’s the youngest,”

Will the Royals allow Prince Louis to make his Carol Service debut?