Prince William, Princess Kate, Prince Harry, emoji, eggplant

Can you guess Prince William and Princess Kate’s favourite emoji’s? Images via Instagram: @princeandprincessofwales.

Frisky prince? William’s favourite emoji is not what you might think

You’ll never guess Prince William and Princess Kate’s favourite emojis. Here’s a hint: The future King’s choice is quite risqué.

Prince William, Princess Kate, Prince Harry, emoji, eggplant

Can you guess Prince William and Princess Kate’s favourite emoji’s? Images via Instagram: @princeandprincessofwales.

Yes, princes send text messages, and when it comes to emojis, Prince William has a rather risqué favourite, the Mirror reports. Can you guess what it is?


During a recent interview on BBC Radio 1’s Going Home, Prince William was asked about his favourite “cartoon text character,” and his answer was rather cheeky.

“I’ve been told not to say the aubergine, so I’ve got to pick something else. It would have been the aubergine, but I’m saying now — because I’ve got to be all grown up — it’s the one where the eyes go up and down, and the mouth’s out (🤪),” William said.

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The Prince and Princess of Wales speak with members of the public as they visit the Brynawel Rehabilitation Centre, in Llanharan, in Wales. Image: AFP/ Ian Vogler.

According to the Independent, one of the show’s hosts, Vick Hope, reportedly joked, saying she hopes the future King has a “dirty mind.”

Princess Kate was also part of the interview, although her favourite emoji is much more PG. “Mine’s probably going to be the heart with then the crying emoji. The hysterical laughing when things have gone wrong,” she said as per Town & Country. The Prince and Princess of Wales appeared on the show to promote World Mental Health Day.

Royal fans loved the prince’s candidness over this rather suggestive emoji and took to Twitter to show their approval. 

“😂😂😂😂 this was hilarious 😆,” one fan wrote.

“😂☠️🍆 #PrinceWilliam is hilarious,” another commented.


William and Kate are however not the only royals who love using emojis.

The Duke of Sussex reportedly loves using the ghost cartoon character, People reports.

According to the authors of the best-selling book Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family, Carolyn Durand and Omid Scobie, Prince Harry even used it when chatting up Meghan Markle at the start of their relationship. This is according to the publication.

“His messages were often short and full of emojis, in particular the ghost emoji, which he often used instead of a smiley face. For what reason? Nobody knows. But Meghan found his texting etiquette funny and adorable, just like the prince,” the authors wrote. 

Although Prince William and Princess Kate is yet to make a public appearance together since the announcement of the Princess’ cancer diagnosis, the future King has been spotted out and about. He along with the couple’s son, Prince George, attended a football match between Aston Villa and Lille.


During the radio chat, the couple revealed more personal favourites, including what they like for dinner.

“I can’t do too much spice, I start sweating. It’s not attractive,” Prince William confessed. Princess Kate, on the other hand, is not afraid of spice.

“I like the spice, so I have to sort of cook the curry and then add the spice, extra spice, at the end,” she said as per Entertainment Tonight.

“She has to bring it in gently because otherwise, I get too sweaty. It’s not a nice sight!” William concluded.