Rouge says she won’t take off her clothes to get fame. Images via Twitter: @rouge_rapper

Rouge Rapper says she won’t get naked ‘so she can be more successful’

‘I still need to be able to live with myself’: Rouge says that she will not be taking off her clothes to attract more listeners.


Rouge says she won’t take off her clothes to get fame. Images via Twitter: @rouge_rapper

Rouge is a South African musician who has been around for quite some time now. Despite this, not many people are really aware of her or the music that she makes. She recently opened up about people telling her that she should try to be sexier so that her music can sell more.

Rouge is sick of being told that sex sells!

Over the years, we have watched our favourite musicians wear less and less clothing as music became more and more provocative. It isn’t surprising however since musicians like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj basically made a living from flaunting their curves.

One South African rapper, Rouge, refuses to follow in their footsteps and recently slammed people who keep on advising her to take more clothes off in order to get more fame and success.

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Taking to her Twitter page, she shared some firm words with those who’re encouraging her to use her sex appeal to get famous. She also added that she would not be able to live with herself if she knew she was using her body to get success:

“The amount of you telling me to just take my clothes off in 2022 is alarming. I’ve always been one to drop music purely because I loved it. Not to play into the industry politics.

“My mental health comes before the industry’s demands. I still need to be able to live with myself,” the rapper said.

Her fans completely agree

Many of the young rapper’s fans loved that she is choosing to stay true to herself and quickly headed to the comments section to offer words of support to her:

@acillionaire said:

“If you believe in your music don’t take your clothes off, but if you don’t believe in your music then obvious, I’ve always noticed most women who take their clothes off who didn’t use to it when their career is falling,”

@jaey_ww said:

“Jus’ Do You Mama ❤ We Here For You.”

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