Grootman has been accused of neglecting his kids. Images via Instagram: @xo_grootman

Deadbeat dad? Tweeps accuse influencer Grootman of neglecting his kids!

Forex trader Grootman often shows off his wealth and is well known for living a lavish life. He is now being accused of neglecting his kids!


Grootman has been accused of neglecting his kids. Images via Instagram: @xo_grootman

Grootman may just be South Africa’s most infamous forex trader and has been accused many times of taking advantage of people and robbing them of their hard-earned cash. The young man is well known for flaunting his lavish lifestyle on Instagram where he encourages people to trade with him.

His lifestyle has attracted a ton of backlash from South African social media users who have just accused him of being a deadbeat father.

Grootman accused of being a deadbeat dad

Themba Selahle aka Grootman has managed to make many people either envy or yearn for the kind of life he is living.

The young forex trader often shares snaps of his wads of cash, his many luxury brand clothing and shoes, and the expensive hotels he often frequents.

Just a few days ago, he proposed to his girlfriend of ten months Gcinile Thwala, and you can already guess, it was a lavish affair.

Shortly after he shared snaps of the romantic proposal which took place at a Mercedes Benz dealership where he also bought the young woman a brand new Benz, he was accused of doing the most online but neglecting his kids.

Swisherpost reveals that he has two children, one from a woman called Nene Muleya and another who lives in Gauteng but hasn’t been identified.

Black Twitter is not happy

Zalebs reports that Twitter users were not happy watching Grootman splurge on a fancy engagement knowing that he had other responsibilities which he was avoiding.

@GiftHavanna said:

“But he has 3 kids he doesn’t even support.”

@AthiB said:

“I think the question should be, why does someone needs to be forced to take care of their kids, while they do it willingly to spoil someone else’s kids?”

Meanwhile, it appears that Grootman may just be ready for some more little ones. Shortly after their engagement, he shared a short clip of himself gushing over some baby shoes.

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