'Rockville' actress Thuli Phongolo

‘Rockville’ actress Thuli Phongolo. Image via Twitter @mahmoudegypte

‘Rich and Zulu’: Is actress Thuli Phongolo eyeing Duduzane Zuma?

‘Rockville’ actress Thuli Phongolo, who was rumoured to be dating Duduzane Zuma, hinted on her Instagram account that she wants to be married to a rich Zulu man…

'Rockville' actress Thuli Phongolo

‘Rockville’ actress Thuli Phongolo. Image via Twitter @mahmoudegypte

Actress Thuli Phongolo recently shared on her Instagram stories that she wouldn’t rule out the idea of marriage provided the man is rich and Zulu.

The actress recently attended her friend’s wedding who was getting married to a Zulu man.  

Thuli Phongolo ‘wants to get married’

Thuli shared her friend’s celebration on her Instagram Story and was so impressed by the exquisite ceremony that she now wants to be married.

She told her followers that she was left speechless by the whole experience as the wedding was absolutely beautiful.

Thuli gushes over her friend’s traditional wedding on her Instagram account.


The actress was also in the headlines at the beginning of the year when it was rumoured that she is dating former president Jacob Zuma’s son Duduzane Zuma.

For several weeks after the rumours surfaced, however, she denied dating Duduzane. But then the actress surprised her followers by posting a video of Duduzane Zuma dancing on her Instagram Story.

Zuma was dancing to Big Zulu’s Mali Eningi featuring Riky Rick, which if loosely translated means: “I wish I had a lot of money”.

Thuli Phongolo posted a dancing Duduzane Zuma on her Instagram Story.


In an interview on Podcast and Chill with MacG, Zuma also denied dating the actress or that he has met her before.

This after Phongolo confirmed on her Twitter account that she doesn’t know him either.

“She’s a beautiful young lady, I have only heard of her now. She’s doing her thing and all the best with whatever she is doing but I don’t know her, let’s just start there. Point number two, I’ve never met her. The third and obvious point is that I’ll categorically deny it,” Duduzane said in the interview.

Duduzane, who has been married to Shanice Stork since 2015, also told the podcaster that he has not ruled out polygamy.

I’m a traditionalist at heart. I mean, the way life goes, life goes. At this point I’m not sure…I’m not trying to Flava Flav it. At the same time, it’s life, you know. We live life and we see how it progresses.

Thuli denies dating Duduzane on Twitter

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