Rasta has painted the late Raymond Ackerman. Images via X: @rastaartist

Rasta has painted the late Raymond Ackerman. Images via X: @rastaartist

‘Entrepreneur of retail’: Rasta pays tribute to Raymond Ackerman

Mzansi’s favourite artist Rasta has paid tribute to late business tycoon Raymond Ackerman with another of his unique portraits.

Rasta has painted the late Raymond Ackerman. Images via X: @rastaartist

Rasta has painted the late Raymond Ackerman. Images via X: @rastaartist

South Africans have come to know and love local artist Rasta — real name Lebani Thaka David Sirenje. He has made a name for himself as one of the country’s most popular artists with his unique portraits of the local rich and famous. This week the artist paid tribute to the late business tycoon Raymond Ackerman.

Ackerman passed away on 6 September at the age of 92 and will be remembered for his contribution to the business world.

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Rasta pays tribute to Raymond Ackerman

If there is one thing about Rasta, it’s that he never allows critics to deter him from painting those he deems worthy of his paint and canvases.

In the past, he has been ridiculed for some of his paintings and yet he continues to put his paint brushes to work.

Rasta The Artist
Rasta The Artist is famous for his unique portraits of local legends. Image via Twitter @tibane_bongani

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His most recent portrait was dedicated to the late Pick n Pay founder Raymond Ackerman who died earlier this month at 92 years old.

Taking to social media app Twitter — as he usually does — Rasta shared photos of his work. He captioned the post:

In loving memory of Raymond Ackerman businessman, entrepreneur of retail. Condolences to family and @PicknPay team all over.

Take a look below:

As usual, those in the comment section failed to see the artistic side of his art and made this known with harsh — and funny — comments.

“That’s not Raymond Ackerman. This guy is really taking chances. Ask him to draw Mangosuthu Buthelezi,I want to see something” one person remarked. Another added:

“Rasta has issues with Raymond Ackerman clearly”.

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Not his first rodeo

This wouldn’t be the first time his work received a thumbs down. Last month Rasta painted the viral Albany Bread girl Lethuthukhanya Mjaji and became the nation’s laughing stock.

In a past interview with The South African, he made it clear that being mocked doesn’t bother him in the slightest.

“I have gained many fans over the years. I’m happy about it, it makes me feel I’m appreciated. When it comes to the critics, whether or not they like my art, it’s up to them,” he told a TSA reporter.

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