Singer Makhadzi. Images via Instagram: @makhadzisa

‘She must kiss her career goodbye’: Angry promoter on Makhadzi

Singer Makhadzi, who is at loggerheads with Open Mic Productions, is accused of pulling a no-show after being paid R80k for a performance.


Singer Makhadzi. Images via Instagram: @makhadzisa

Makhadzi’s troubles seem to be piling up, as an angry event organiser has called her out for being a no-show – Zimoja reports.

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The Limpopo-born singer – who is currently in a contractual dispute with her “former” record label, Open Mic Productions – is said to have been booked and paid for a show in Kempton Park which she reportedly did not pitch to.

According to the organiser, Greg Hlatswayo, the Ghanama hitmaker charged R80 000 to perform at the Dries Niemandt Park in Kempton Park on 30 April. At the event, called Exclusive White Lifestyle, she was set to be the headlinibg and closing act.

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Hlatswayo claimed that she was paid half her booking fee on 25 January and the balance on 22 April, however, she stood fans up.

The publication reports that she was booked at two other Limpopo gigs on the same night.

“Instead of rocking up on time, she sent a text asking for extra time. They gave her the extra time, but an hour later she sent another text saying she was two hours away,” the promoter alleged.

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He continued: “Remember that Makhadzi was also late for the Metro FM Music Awards in Mbombela. She claimed to be stuck in traffic. At the rate she is going, she must just kiss her music career goodbye because music promoters are going to get gatvol. She thinks she is not irreplaceable. It’s only a matter of time before she sees her shows drying up.”

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Makhadzi was slammed for working with Maphorisa. Image Instagram @makhadzisa
Makhadzi. Image Instagram: @makhadzisa


The 26-year-old singer is currently at war with her “former” record label. Last week, Makhadzi announced her reparture from Open Mic, however, the company claims she cannot leave as she signed a auto renewal contract.

In addition, the MaGear singer claimed that she has been exploited by the record company, saying she has never been paid a cent after threes and four albums. She also claimed to have never received a copy of her contract.

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On Wednesday, the controversial record label hit back with a letter of demand to the artist, labelling her allegations as “patently false and defamatory.” as such, the company demanded an apology and retraction from the musician.

In the letter, Open Mic also alleged it paid her about R8 million.

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According to City Press, a source said that Makhadzi will not be apologising to Open Mic.

“Makhadzi will not apologise to Open Mic. They did this on purpose, knowing very well that they have paid influencers [on Twitter]. Influencers only have half of the information. They (Open Mic) are trying to shift the blame. Makhadzi never said that Open Mic didn’t pay her money for her shows. She said they did not give her a cent for her sales, which is the truth.”