prince kaybee

Prince Kaybee. Image from Instagram@princekaybee_sa

Prince Kaybee fishing for sympathy amid Cyan Boujee drama

Playing the victim? Prince Kaybee’s attempt at getting a little sympathy from Mzansi quickly went south as locals spared him no kind words.

prince kaybee

Prince Kaybee. Image from Instagram@princekaybee_sa

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for local musician Prince Kaybee — real name Kabelo Motsamai. This after an explicit video of local influencer Cyan Boujee went viral on social media and she accused him of leaking it. She also alleged that she had a sexual relationship with the DJ when she was only 19 years old — at the time he was around 30.

While he has remained quiet about the allegations, he recently opened up about all of the insults he has received lately — a post which many are saying is an attempt at gaining a little sympathy.

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Prince Kaybee’s attempt at getting sympathy fails dismally

It would appear that social media users will not be giving Fetch Your Life musician Prince Kaybee a break anytime soon.

The DJ has been branded as a paedophile after 21-year-old influencer Cyan Boujee revealed that she had slept with him when she was only 19 years old.

Prince Kaybee and Cyan
Prince Kaybee and Cyan Boujee. Images via Instagram @princekaybee_sa, @cyan.boujee24

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She also accused him of having forced her to take the viral sex tape that was leaked just a few weeks ago.

While Kaybee has refused to open up regarding the accusations, he has headed online to share a post regarding all the rumours he has heard about himself.

“Pedophile, arrogant, abuser, homophobic, poor, can’t make music, short, R Kelly…, the list is too long,” he commented on a tweet that beckoned app users to open up about rumours.

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Mzansi piles on the criticism

Instead of consoling Kaybee who is clearly upset about all of the “rumours” many remarked that these things aren’t rumours but facts.

“Something’s aren’t called rumours when there’s valid proof,” one person said while another added:

“I mean you slept with a teen and took a video of it because you loving recording everything. That was bound to happen.”

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