Dr Nandipha court prayer

Dr Nandipha. image via Twitter @PhilMphela

‘Prayer warrior’: Dr Nandipha’s prayer in court divides Mzansi [video]

Dr Nandipha was spotted praying in court, and fans were left divided as others called her a prayer warrior while some disagreed.

Dr Nandipha court prayer

Dr Nandipha. image via Twitter @PhilMphela

Dr Nandipha was spotted in court saying a prayer in the close stages of her bail hearing.

Surprisingly, most South Africans do not believe Dr. Nandipha knows anything about prayer.

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They considered her a criminal and were not expecting her to be giving a prayer.

Dr Nandipha is a lady who shocked many South Africans after what she did.

Indeed, the courts decide, but social judgment has nailed her since she was caught.

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Newsroom Afrika shared her video on Twitter, leaving many fans divided on her faith.

Some fans said she had repented and sought God’s face, but others refused.

“[WATCH] #DrNandiphaMagudumana in the dock praying ahead of closing arguments for her bail application in the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court.”

Dr Nandipha court prayer
Dr Nandipha. image via YouTube @podcastandchillwithmacg


She had been making headlines after she celebrated her birthday with a cake.

She was also spotted with her father, and it seemed a lot to be thankful to God and pray for.

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Prayer is closely related to good deeds that many people consider societal models.

This is the opposite of Dr Nandipha’s deeds that took her behind bars with Thabo Bester.

Many fans could not imagine that she knew of any good thing, but she now realised what she did.


After Newsroom Afrika shared Dr Nandipha in prayer, many fans were left with different opinions.

“It’s too late for prayer to get her out of prison”

“Yhooo! Did she pray for the bodies she claimed, dumped and burnt???”

“Even criminals pray to God, wena ubane ungana niks? lets pray at all times”

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“she’s correct only miracles will work now- water into wine kinds”

“A prayer worrier🔥🔥🔥”

“Even murderers pray when they get caught. Who am I to judge her. Jesu in the Bible was on the cross with a criminal. Anyway I do not feel sorry for her with all my sins either”

“I wonder if she prayed for the deceased she removed from mortuary before they were cremated in a prison cell”