Kope Makgae is a multitalented South African star, shines in the spotlight. Image: Instagram via @tswyza

Kope Makgae is a multitalented South African star, shines in the spotlight. Image: Instagram via @tswyza

Mrekza from ‘Generations’: Where is Kope Makgae now?

Kope Makgae, 37, shot to fame for his role as Mrekza from ‘Generations’, where is the talented actor and rapper now?

Kope Makgae is a multitalented South African star, shines in the spotlight. Image: Instagram via @tswyza

Kope Makgae is a multitalented South African star, shines in the spotlight. Image: Instagram via @tswyza

Kope Makgae, fondly known as Tswyza, has long been a shining star, he’s a versatile artist who seems to defy the limits of talent, leaving us in awe of his many talents, let’s take a journey through time and see where Kope Makgae is now.

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Born in Lebowakgomo, Kope Makgae’s journey to stardom began at Capricorn High School in Polokwaneaccording to Briefly. While there his remarkable rap skills earned him the nickname Tswyza. He’s a true chameleon when it comes to adding flavour to his acting roles, making him an absolute delight to watch.

As of September 2023, Kope Makgae is 35 years old, but his youthful energy and looks defy the passage of time. He hails from Lebowakgomo and calls Polokwane his hometown.

Family-wise, Kope Makgae is a father of three, with a fiancée known as Mpotseng. The couple’s journey began in 2015 when they met through a mutual friend. Two years later, they welcomed twins, Zoey and Zoyl. Fans are eagerly waiting for their official wedding ceremony.

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Kope Makgae’s path to love was anything but conventional. He once embraced a carefree attitude towards relationships, but the birth of his twins changed everything. He realized it was time to make his partner, Mpotseng, his wife.

Kope Makgae isn’t just an actor; he’s a gifted rapper too. His music has brought joy to many South Africans over the years. Here are some of Kope Makgae’s notable tracks:

  • Nomahelele: A catchy mix by Tswyza x Villa, guaranteed to make you dance.
  • There was a Msadi: Tswyza and Villa delivered a fusion of Amapiano and hip-hop with incredible vocals.
  • Good Life: Featuring Naaq Musiq, this track showcases Tswyza’s collaboration skills.
  • Hurt You: A joint effort with Levuvu and Villa, released in June 2020.
  • Danger: A reflection on the vulnerability of personal finances and family.
  • Lalelala: A track that had fans wondering why Tswyza isn’t more famous in the rap game.
  • Jungle Fever: A comparison of life in Limpopo’s jungle and Johannesburg’s concrete jungle.
  • Hip-hop News Wrap-Up (2015, 2017, 2019): Keeping fans in the loop with all the headlines and scandals.
  • Wang Kgotsofatsa: Bringing back old-school hip-hop storytelling.
  • Knox Man: A lethal collaboration with artists like Tswyza, Calvin Fallo, Pencil, Villa, and Mapentane.
  • Bonang: A hilarious stalker’s perspective, released in 2017.

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Kope Makgae’s journey from high school to stardom was far from a smooth ride. To fund his college education, he ventured into various business ventures. From selling Kota sandwiches to supplying pencils and pens to schools across Limpopo, he hustled his way through.

Eventually, he enrolled at the University of Limpopo, earning a degree in media studies. This paved the way for Kope Makgae to move to Johannesburg and pursue his dreams in the entertainment industry.

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Kope Makgae started with modelling and acting gigs and soon became a familiar face in popular commercial ads. His acting roles, including a memorable stint as a priest in ‘Ashes to Ashes,’ solidified his status as a talented actor.

Kope Makgae posing for a photograph outside infront of a building. Image: Instagram via @tswyza

Apart from music, ads, and acting, Kope Makgae is a man of many facets. He runs Hip Hope, a non-profit organization inspiring young children to dream big. He’s also the owner of Lalela, an online TV platform for youth focusing on relationships, social dynamics, and finances.

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Kope Makgae is a man of many talents and continues to shine brightly in South Africa’s entertainment world. From his early struggles to his impressive career and diverse endeavours, he’s proven that with determination and talent, anyone can make it big in life.

Here’s to Kope Makgae’s future successes and the joy he brings to all his fans