Dr Malinga

Dr Malinga on Popcorn and Cheese Podcast. Screenshot via YouTube

Dr Malinga: ‘I love the way SARS has taken my furniture’

Musician Dr Malinga says his children wouldn’t be able to play with their scooters in his living room if SARS hadn’t taken his furniture.

Dr Malinga

Dr Malinga on Popcorn and Cheese Podcast. Screenshot via YouTube

Popular musician Dr Malinga has opened up about SARS taking his furniture, his businesses and more in the latest episode of Popcorn and Cheese Podcast with Robot Boii and comedian Mpho Popps.

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The talented musician Goodwill Malinga aka Dr Malinga revealed in the interview that he’s not bothered by the fact that he doesn’t have furniture in his house after SARS took it in 2022.

He said his living room is still a hall, but he loves the way SARS took his furniture because he wouldn’t have seen his children’s talents.

“I bought my children scooters. They are three, Lingas, Legends and Lingos, triple L. What I love about that house is that it’s empty. The emptiness of that house has resulted in my kids racing in the house.”

“If SARS hadn’t taken my furniture, I wouldn’t have known that my children are good at racing. It’s now Kyalami Racing. So, I love SARS.”

Kaya959 revealed in September 2022 that SARS (South African Revenue Services) repossessed some of Dr Malinga’s valuable possessions to auction after he defaulted on payments owed in tax.

The Via Orlando hitmaker also confirmed on MacG’s Podcast and Chill that the reports are true and that SARS went to his house and took his furniture and car.

He said he struggled to keep up with payments because he wasn’t getting booked and he was informed years ago that he owes them R2.1 million.

“I don’t have money, I’m not being booked, I’m not trending. I can’t force people to book me,” he said at the time.

Malinga revealed on the Wednesday, 28 June interview that he’s paying SARS R30 000 a month and he’ll be done paying by December 2023. .

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