Dj Sbu mofaya

DJ Sbu slammed for over selling MoFaya Image via Instagram @djsbulive

‘I could’ve lost my life’: DJ Sbu on having gun pointed at him [video]

‘He pointed straight at me and I was in the driver’s seat’: DJ Sbu recalls road road rage incident that almost took his life.

Dj Sbu mofaya

DJ Sbu slammed for over selling MoFaya Image via Instagram @djsbulive

Musician and entrepreneur DJ Sbu is one of the many South African celebrities who have reacted to the Braamfontein shooting incident.

In the early hours of Monday morning, a South African Police Services (SAPS) member gunned down a Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) officer after an altercation ensued. The shooting incident has since gone viral as videos have been circulating social media.

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In a video that he shared on his YouTube channel, DJ Sbu said that when he was in his 20s he stared death dead in the face. The Remember When It Rained hitmaker said that he was involved in a road rage incident that almost took his life.

“I was with my friends and a white man was driving badly. We intimated him and swore at him, and this is in Fourways, William Nicol (Drive). We drove following him while he was driving around Fourways and when he was driving into his neighbourhood while we were chasing him, I don’t know what got into us. I think we were hyping each other in the car. When he got to his security gate as he was about to drive in, he got out and pointed a gun towards us.

“I’ve never been so scared in my life. He pointed straight at me and I was in the driver’s seat. He was fearing for his life and he could’ve fired shots. When he pulled the gun out we all started apologising, I’ll never forget that day because I could’ve lost my life over a road rage incident and we were wrong.”

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The MoFaya co-founder often advises the younger generation about making better decisions thanthe ones he made when he was their age.

Speaking on The Penuel Show in October last year, DJ Sbu opened up about the poor financial decision he made when he was a big deal in the music industry.

“When it comes to finances, I’ve fallen and I’ve got myself to blame and nobody else.

“From those Porches and just that lifestyle. I’ve lived the lifestyle, I’ve travelled, I’ve driven all these great cars, these sports cars. I’ve lived the nicest life, the celebrity life, partying and just throwing parties … as you grow older you know better and do better … I was overspending… I was proud about it but now I realise that I was dumb.”

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DJ Sbu highlighted the pressures of being in the entertainment industry at a young age, which force people to live outside their means.

“I looked richer than I actually was,” he said.

Currently, DJ Sbu does not have a car. The only cars he drives are his company cars and he revealed that this is by choice.

“I don’t have a car by choice and I always tell people that I’ve been building,” he explained.

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DJ Sbu. Image via Instagram @djsbuive.