Moshe Ndiki Phelo Bala

Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala in happier times. Image via Twitter @TomiRikhotso

Phelo Bala triggered by ex-husband Moshe Ndiki’s surrogacy

#Thebalafamily star Phelo Bala broke his silence about his ex-husband Moshe Ndiki moving on and expecting twins through a surrogate.

Moshe Ndiki Phelo Bala

Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala in happier times. Image via Twitter @TomiRikhotso

Former Joyous Celebration group member Phelo Bala has been unravelling about his failed marriage to his ex-husband Moshe Ndiki.

On the latest episode of The Bala Family, which airs on Thursdays on Mzansi Magic, Phelo was seemingly hurt that his ex is expecting twins through a surrogate.

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Phelo referred to a number of articles he came across about the You Promised To Marry me host, saying he was overwhelmed and triggered that the announcement was made on his birthday.

Speaking to his friend and actress Charmaine Mtinta in the show, he said that he can’t keep avoiding topics and stories about Moshe.

“I’m beginning to face reality… And to think actually that you can still love somebody after what they put you through,” he said.

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This is not the first time that Phelo opens up about his marriage to Moshe in the show. In previous episodes, he went to a tattoo artist to cover his wedding tattoo to signify that he is moving on with his life.

“I can’t have this thing on my finger and continue with my life. I am heartbroken and hurt it didn’t work out. I really did love him and I still do,” Phelo said.

He continued: “All he could’ve said was Phelo I love you, Phelo I need you to stay, that’s all and maybe things could’ve turned out differently but those words and all that stuff, I never got them.”

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The former couple’s drama caught the attention of the public in 2019 when Phelo accused Moshe of physically abusing him during an altercation they had in their Northriding, Johannesburg home.

The allegations led to a court order against the TV host who followed it up with a counter-interim order in 2020.

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According to Daily Sun at the time, Moshe had labelled Phelo a jealous partner who cannot handle his alcohol. He alleged that he was also physically abused by him. (Alprazolam) These incidences eventually led to the couple splitting up.

Moshe has since moved on with a new bae, Mzie.

Moshe Ndiki, Phelo Bala
Moshe Ndiki has shown off his new bae, less than 2 years after splitting from husband Phelo Bala.
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