nota baloyi female celebs

Nota Baloyi shares his thoughts on SA celebs. Image via Instagram @lavidanota

‘He’s fallen on hard times’: Nota on K.O and Skhanda Republic

As per the norm, media personality Nota Baloyi is ruffling feathers again…with rapper K.O being his latest ‘victim’.

nota baloyi female celebs

Nota Baloyi shares his thoughts on SA celebs. Image via Instagram @lavidanota

Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi is not one to mince his words. The music executive is notorious for firing shoots at pretty much anyone in the South African entertainment industry.

Recently, he took a swipe at Umuzi eSandton hitmaker Big Zulu when he claimed that last week’s viral video about late rapper Riky Rick had a deeper meaning.

According to the former Raplyf co-founder, Big Zulu was crying in the viral video because he knows that Riky Rick “saved” his career with the Imali Eningi feature.

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Although Nota has had quite a few lawsuits sent to his address for his controversial statements, he does not back down. In a recent interview with ByoPodcast, he said that award-winning rapper K.O has hit hard times. He added that the artists under Skhanda World label will never get anywhere in their careers.

“…And now all of a sudden he’s doing features with every Tom, D*ck, and Harry because he’s fallen on hard times… since Skhanda Republic, that was it. Skhanda World (the label) those artists will never get anywhere. You can name all of them, they will never get anywhere.”

– Nota

According to the music executive, K.O should be following in his footsteps by taking the backseat and run Skhanda World as an executive.

The claims did not end there as Nota alleged that Supa Dupa hitmaker sabotaged Kid X’s album, titled 3/4 Pace.

Watch the video below:

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On 28 February, Nota took to his Twitter account to reveal that Slikour was suing him.

This lawsuit came after a January weet by the controversial personality. In the tweet he claimed that Slikour’s depression resulted in the collapse of Buttabing and Ventilation. Buttabing was a record label and Ventilation; a marketing agency.

The two companies were co-owned by former Skwatta Kamp member Slikour when Nota and Utatakho hitmaker Yanga Chief worked for him as young boys in the early 2000s.  In the tweet, Nota claimed that Slikour was depressed because Euphonik had taken Bonang (who was his girlfriend at the time) from him.

“@SiyaMetane wants R250k from me after he told Riky Rick he went into depression that cost myself & Yanga Chief our jobs. So we ended up on the street going from couch to couch as well as Kwesta whose career would’ve gone down the drain had it not been for the Amantombazane remix,” Nota said about the lawsuit in part.

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