Nota Baloyi . Images via Instagram: @lavidanota

Nota slammed Penny over her sexy pic. Images via Instagram: @lavidanota

Nota slammed after trolling late AKA over his Bryanston rental

Nota has found himself dealing with backlash from the Megacy after he mocked AKA for renting and not owning the Bryanston property.

Nota Baloyi . Images via Instagram: @lavidanota

Nota slammed Penny over her sexy pic. Images via Instagram: @lavidanota

Controversial South African music executive Nota Baloyi is once again facing backlash on Twitter. This time over his comments about late rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes. Taking to the social media app, Nota commented on the news that rapper didn’t own his lush Bryanston home but was renting it. The comment didn’t sit well with AKA’s fans who threatened to unfollow him immediately.

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Nota Baloyi slammed for comments about AKA’s rental

Nota Baloyi is well known for making unsettling comments on Twitter.

The entertainment manager has found himself in hot water countless times but continues to rile people up the wrong way.

Many were particularly irked by the 33-year-old following his comments about South African rapper AKA who was shot and killed in Durban earlier this year.

Nota Baloyi’s comments on AKA has upset the Megacy. Image via Instagram @lavidanota

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Commenting on the news that AKA’s home is once again on the rental market, Nota shared that he had once warned the rapper that he’d leaving nothing behind but music.

“Back in 2010 I had a back & forth with AKA on Twitter in which he dissed me about my Party Karate song with Yanga Chief when we were still the Bloody Agents. He dissed us on Victory Lap. I responded by saying when I die I leave behind millions whereas all he’ll leave are songs!” he wrote.

Many took this as Nota taking a jab at AKA for renting and not owning the luxurious Bryanston property.

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Clap backs galore

Soon enough many of them were dogging him in the comment section.

“Let the guy rest,” wrote one person while another reminded him how he had been advocating for AKA’s killers to be found shortly after his death:

“One moment, you are trying to find his killers. The next, you are tweeting stuff like this about him,” the tweep wrote.

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