Nomsa Buthelezi father tombstone

Nomsa Buthelezi. image via Instagram @gomoradiva

‘Not for a celeb’s father’: Nomsa Buthelezi trolled for her dad’s tombstone [video]

Nomsa Buthelezi visited her late father at the graveyard, leaving some fans wondering why she is not making him a better tombstone.

Nomsa Buthelezi father tombstone

Nomsa Buthelezi. image via Instagram @gomoradiva

South African actress Nomsa Buthelezi visited her late father, but fans were not impressed by his grave’s tombstone.

The bubbly actress went to the cemetery as she remembered her father, and the place did not impress fans.

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Most fans were even comparing her father’s tombstone to Lasizwe’s father.

Indeed, as much as most fans would troll Nomsa for her father’s tombstone, she did a good thing in visiting him.

Sharing on her TikTok, Nomsa spoke of how much she missed him saying.

“Daddy, l miss you, God l need you”

Nomsa Buthelezi father tombstone
Nomsa Buthelezi. image via Instagram @nomsadiva


The bubbly actress is not feeling well, and she was walking on crutches as she went to memorate her father.

The symmetry was not as beautiful as the throne that most fans and celebs get to show on social media.

Most of the graves in that cemetery had no body tombstone, only tablets with names.

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AKA’s tombstone was much more expensive and beautiful than Lasizwe’s father’s tombstone.

The environment was not as good as fans expected, and they did not hold back.

Despite some fans trolling her for not taking care of her father’s grave.


Most fans consoled her after Nomsa Buthelezi shared a video of her father’s grave and tombstone.

“Not for a celeb’s father, lol, may he RIP anyway”

“i know how you feeling,3 years ago today i was burrying my dad😞😞😞😞”

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“Sincerely condolences cc, I knew him from eCarter as a member yeSGB”

“Mara why the sound and I didn’t want to laugh”

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“Look at Lasizwe’s fathers tombstone”

“Sending you light ✨️💛 my friend 🥰”