Nelli Tembe’s brother clears t

Nelli Tembe pictured in KwaZulu-Natal. Image via Instagram @akaworldwide

Nelli Tembe’s brother clears the air on ‘suicide’ speculation

Nelli Tembe’s older brother, Vukile Tembe says he will not be entertaining the suicide rumors surrounding his sisters’ and his mothers death.

Nelli Tembe’s brother clears t

Nelli Tembe pictured in KwaZulu-Natal. Image via Instagram @akaworldwide

Nelli Tembe’s brother, Vukile Tembe strongly denies that his sister, as well his mother, Lulu Tembe had taken their own lives. 


At Nelli Tembe’s funeral service recently, her father Moses Tembe made it clear that he did not believe her death was an act of suicide and Vukile Tembe agrees. 

Vukile Tembe says he is not entertaining the suicide rumours surrounding his sisters death that have been present on social media. He further states that there has been talk that their mother, Lulu Tembe took her own life and he will not stand for that either.

“There are several rumours on social media Nelli committed suicide I am simply not entertaining them,” said Vukile Tembe to You Magazine

“My mother didn’t commit suicide – she got ill and passed away. The migraines people are referencing was a symptom of the illness she had,” he added. 

After Lulu Tembe passed away, Moses Tembe was left to take care of three young children. He later married the daughter of the late Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini, Princess Ntandoyesizwe. The pair created a blended family with their children. 


Vukile Tembe further mentioned that it was evident that his sister Nelli needed more nurturing from an early age.

“My dad spoilt her. Anele had always needed much more attention and as siblings we were fine with it because maybe she needed it,” said Vukile Tembe.

Vukile Tembe took responsibility for his baby sister’s needs and said he wanted the best for her when he heard she was getting married. 

“Before she started her journey with her marriage it was my responsibility as a big brother to take care of her. If she needed a new dress or money to do something, I’d play a part in that,” he continued. 

“When I found out my sister was getting married, I wanted the best for her,” he added. 


Although her family members have been vocal on their belief that Nelli Tembe was not suicidal, AKA had been silent until now. 

“Every day feels like a mountain to climb. I miss Anele, so much and I’m heartbroken at the unfulfilled life we had planned together,” said AKA in a statement to Times Live

“The tragic loss of Anele has taken a great toll on me emotionally and psychologically. Insinuations and innuendos made on my personhood have made it even more difficult to process, and the strain our families have taken is unspeakable,” he added. 


The exact details surrounding the death of Nelli Tembe are still unclear and AKA mentioned that he prays to get closer to clarity. The incident is still being investigated by the South African Police Services (SAPS) and there has been no new developments at this time and detectives are following up on all leads, according to Times Live.  

Since the death of Nelli Tembe, AKA has been inactive on all his social media accounts, which he has handed over to his management to run during the period of mourning.

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