Nasty C boxing skills

Nasty C. Image viaTikTok @nasty_csa

Nasty C breaks TikTok with his boxing skills [watch]

Nasty C’s left TikTok fans shocked after displaying out-of-this-world boxing and sprinting skills in the gym.

Nasty C boxing skills

Nasty C. Image viaTikTok @nasty_csa

Fans on TikTok have pounced on Nasty C after posting a video where he showed his boxing skills in a gym.

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Nasty C must not have imagined how much his boxing skills video would trend as he saw fans leaving comments to it on TikTok. Fans noticed his lack of seriousness in the sessions he had been doing, and they have some words for him. This was only some of what Nasty could bring to the boxing ring.

It all started as a joke, but celebrity boxing matches are becoming extraordinary. The boxing tradition is growing more prominent in South Africa following Cassper Nyovest’s celebrity matches. It seemed that Nasty C was preparing himself in case he was challenged to display his skills in a celebrity boxing match.

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Of course, if Nasty wants to get into the ring with fellow celebs like Big Zulu or Cassper Nyovest, he should do more in the gym.


Nasty started by hitting the punch bag like no one could have imagined. It looked like someone had forced him into the gym, but it was lovely. After the punch bag, he made some runs on a running machine. It is, however, his funny gestures that took many fans by surprise.

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The SMA hitmaker looked like he was making a joke for his fans. But indeed, it hit different people as comments reveal other emotions. One positive thing is that the 26-year-old rapper does quite a lot in the gym. Certainly, Nasty C is improving his boxing skills but, at the same time, enjoying himself.

Responding to his post, fans showed how much they enjoyed his video. Some challenged him to a boxing match, being sure that they would beat him. Another group of fans only enjoyed the fun, from his boxing skills to the run.

Watch Nasty C’s boxing skills and the comments