‘RHOD’ star Annie and former cast member LaConco. Images via Instagram: @mrsannbition, Twitter: @la_conco

‘I was still growing up’: ‘RHOD’s’ Annie on how she treated LaC

#RHOD star Annie opened up about her relationship with LaConco, admitting she could’ve been empathetic towards her ex-cast member.


‘RHOD’ star Annie and former cast member LaConco. Images via Instagram: @mrsannbition, Twitter: @la_conco

Businesswoman and Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) star Annie Mthembu reflected on how she treated former show cast member Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco during the second season of the Showmax reality series.

During her sit-down with Lungelo KM on his YouTube podcast show called Engineer Your Life (EYL), Annie says she could have been a bit softer and more understanding.

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Annie — who is married to business magnet Kgolo “DaGuru” Mthembu — was always perceived as the villain in the first and second seasons for always calling a spade a spade, sometimes to her detriment.

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LaConco — baby mama and ex-fiancee of former South African president Jacob Zuma — was always guarded and private; something that irked Annie and made her “feel uncomfortable”. As a result, the two ladies often clashed about who LaConco was in a romantic relationship with, where she lived and other issues.

During one of the episodes, Annie outright said that she cannot continue to spend time with someone she does not know very well, describing her as a mystery. However, LaConco did not budge and kept her personal life private.

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Annie Mthembu
Annie Mthembu. Image via Instagram @mrsannbition


Looking back, Annie told Lungelo that she now understands where LaConco was coming from.

“I’ve always admired her. She is very resilient. When she has a plan or something she wants to do, she executes it and she is very tunnel visioned… she is that girl.

“I don’t know if it’s a matter of apologising, but maybe my mindset has softened a little bit in a way to say ‘Okay, I see why you’re trying to be more private’. My only thing is that it [RHOD] is not really the platform for privacy, per se.” Annie said.

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She, however, highlighted that she and LaConco never really gelled on and off the screen.

“I think because of the space that I was in, the way in which I was growing, I was unable to empathise with her and where she was coming from because I was still growing up,” she explained.