Ratile Mabitsela might be in trouble. Image via Instagram @ratile_mabitsela

Ratile Mabitsela might be in trouble. Image via Instagram @ratile_mabitsela

Nanny spills all on how Mommy Club star Ratile really fired her

Ratile Mabitsela, star of the “The Mommy Club,” is facing serious accusations from her nanny, who claims that she was unjustly fired.

Ratile Mabitsela might be in trouble. Image via Instagram @ratile_mabitsela

Ratile Mabitsela might be in trouble. Image via Instagram @ratile_mabitsela

One more time, Mommy Club’s glamorous facade is overshadowed by drama as Ratile Mabitsela faces accusations of treating her former nanny, Barbara, in a heartless manner.

According to The Citizen, Ratile initially claimed Barbara left for a better opportunity, saying, “Barbara is no longer working for me because she got an opportunity that was much bigger, and I wish I could have her again. But I have a full house of two nannies, and if I could afford to keep her, I would take her in any day,” the recent reunion episode unveiled a different side of the story.

Barbara decided that it was time for her to break her silence. Her statements provide a sharp contrast to Ratile’s narrative as she alleged an abrupt and unjust dismissal.


According to Barbara, the conflict began when Ratile’s husband confronted her about a missing wallet, and this is what eventually led to what she describes as an unfair focus on minor issues.

“I told him I didn’t know where it was, and then he told me to sit down because he needed to talk to me. He said mommy [Ratile] was not happy. I am not doing my job the way I used to.

“They started picking up petty issues that I did not understand. I asked them why, after I had been working for them for seven and a half years they were now saying I am not doing my job well,” she added.


Barbara also revealed not only the challenges of her sudden departure but also the difficulties in receiving promised compensation. To seek justice, she turned to the CCMA.

“I am so hurt. I was doing everything they asked wholeheartedly without complaining,” she said.

Social media is buzzing with reactions as viewers express sympathy for Barbara and question the authenticity of Ratile’s account. A user went to the point of judging her “heartless.” The hashtag #TheMommyClub is filled with discussions, painting a less flattering picture of the Mommy Club star. As fans are left with this unexpected revelation, the impact on Ratile Mabitsela’s reputation and the show’s standing remains uncertain.