Nadia Nakai

Nadia Nakai’s raunchy snaps have set tongues wagging. Image via Instagram @nadianakai

‘Done grieving’: Mzansi reacts to Nadia Nakai’s raunchy pics

‘She deserves happiness’: Nadia Nakai’s raunchy snaps have left South Africans wondering whether or not she is “back on the market.”

Nadia Nakai

Nadia Nakai’s raunchy snaps have set tongues wagging. Image via Instagram @nadianakai

It’s been almost four months since local rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes lost his life outside a restaurant in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. While his girlfriend and fellow rapper Nadia Nakai refrained from using social media in the weeks since his passing, she is back online and posting the raunchy content she used to post prior to his passing.

Many social media users who have seen her content have now headed online to share snarky comments about her “showing off her booty” online.

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SA shares snarky remarks about Nadia Nakai’s raunchy snaps

Most of South Africa was left reeling after the passing of AKA who was only 35 at the time of his death.

Unfortunately, many have been forced to live with the fact that he is no longer — his girlfriend Nadia Nakai included.

Nadia Nakai relationship with AKA
Nadia Nakai’s dated AKA for just over a year before he died. Image from Instagram@nadianakai

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This fact, has however, brought a lot of negative comments Nadia’s way. Even more so because Nadia has started sharing sexy content on her social media platforms once again.

Heading online, one of her fans shared a couple of her sexy snaps. You can view the post here.

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Mzansi has a lot to say

The post garnered thousands of likes and an equal amount of comments from social media users who have shared their thoughts.

Many of them made snarky remarks about the rapper being “back on the market” while others defended her posts and remarked that she’s simply doing her job by maintaining her sexual appeal.

“Let her move on,it’s time. Remember she’s not a widow,” one person wrote while another added:

“Yoh chill ,they were not married and besides she also deserves happiness.”

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