DJ Maphprisa

Maphorisa says he put everyone on in the music industry. Image via Instagram @djmaphorisa

‘We miss AKA’: Maphorisa irks fans by endorsing Nigerian piano

Tweeps opened up about missing AKA after Maphorisa encouraged Nigerian amapiano because Nigerians more advanced than South Africans.

DJ Maphprisa

Maphorisa says he put everyone on in the music industry. Image via Instagram @djmaphorisa

On Wednesday this week, American musician Swae Lee was unexpectedly bombarded with angry tweets from South Africans after tweeting about amapiano and adding the Nigerian flag emoji to his tweet. Many locals took offence, causing a Twitter storm. And now amapiano king, DJ Maphorisa, has jumped on the bandwagon and encouraged South Africans to work with Nigeria since the country is more advanced in business and pop culture.

South Africans couldn’t be less impressed with Maphorisa and have now shared how they miss the late rapper AKA who would’ve stood up for Mzansi.

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Maphorisa slammed for encouraging Nigerian amapiano

The origins of amapiano have caused a grand debate on social media this week. This is after US rapper Swae Lee used the Nigerian flag while praising the music genre.

South Africans were instantly riled up as they demanded credit.

On Wednesday this week, Prince Kaybee took to Twitter to tell South Africans to stop trying to “gatekeep culture”.

Dj Maphorisa
DJ Maphorisa, Photo credit: @djmaphorisa via Instagram

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And now amapiano boss DJ Maphorisa has echoed Kaybee’s thoughts.

According to Phori, South Africans should be open to working with Nigerians because they are not only advanced when it comes to business but also because they are more pop cultured.

Take a look at his clip below:

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Mzansi is far from impressed

The post did not sit well with social media users, who have now resorted to speaking about how much they miss the slain rapper, AKA.

According to them, he would have fought for Mzansi.

“I have a lot to argue about… but I’ll just leave it there for now because this Maphorisa guy is just thinking about his bag and nothing else. Guys, we really miss #AKA, we are left with izilima zama artists,” one person wrote.

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