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Masasa is not very happy with the men in her life. Images via Instagram: @madlomo2

‘Men deserve the very least in life’: Masasa Mbangeni puts men on blast

South African actress Masasa Mbangeni has had it with the men in her life and recently put one of her exes on blast!

masasa men

Masasa is not very happy with the men in her life. Images via Instagram: @madlomo2

South African actress Masasa Mbangeni recently made the very bold decision to bash men on social media. Taking to her Twitter, the former Scandal star remarked that men do not deserve anything in life. She also shared a background story as to why she feels that way.

Despite this, the post did not sit well with Twitter users who wasted no time telling the actress where she should get off.

Masasa Mbangeni blasts men

Masasa Mbangeni is clearly not happy with the relationships she has had so far and wastes no time making that clear whenever she has the opportunity.

The actress took to her Twitter page on 9 March to put all men on blast while complaining about an ex-boyfriend who said he would never marry her and then came back five years later to beg her to take him back.

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“Men deserve the very least in life,” the actress said sharing another story about her ex-lover.

“A man was once asked by his family why don’t you marry Masasa and his response was “why the f*ck would anyone do that?”…5 years later is that man not begging me to come back to his life,” she tweeted.

It appears she instantly regretted the decision to blast men on the public platform because not long after that she deactivated her Twitter account – undoubtedly because she was receiving a ton of backlash from people telling her where to get off.

Masasa’s deleted tweet. Image via Google

Other failed relationships

The actress previously detailed how she dated someone who called her ugly. She also added that she has wasted a lot of her time being attracted to men.

“I once dated someone who said that he wouldn’t want children with me because we are both ugly & he’s scared they would be too. I would be so far in life if I didn’t waste my time being attracted to men.”

Her post was sadly met with other stories from women who suffered similar circumstances in their relationships.

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